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MPs of the European Union

Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

Gianni Pittella (EU) : @ScarcelliN La mia è stata l'unica e deroga, in virtù delle competenze e dei rapporti necessari per stare in Parlamento. Il PD ne gioverà.
Ed McMillan-Scott (EU) : I'm on my way back to the UK from the last European Parliament session in Strasbourg. Looking forward to starting... fb.me/2P86m7Y9S
Sylvie Goulard (EU) : Extrait #motscroises Ns mettons sur le dos de nos enfants des dépenses qu'ils n'ont pas à payer @Les_Europeens @Les dailymotion.com/video/x1p27yw_…
Karima Delli (EU) : Départ du Tour de France Europe Ecologie pour les européennes avec @yjadot @sandrinebelier @MicheleRivasi #EE2014 http://t.co/JnN6JaebqT
Michał Kamiński (EU) : RT @European_Union: The European Union's 16th Century Predecessor - Huffington Post: The European Union's 16th Century... http://t.co/3wrUH…
Catherine Grèze (EU) : RT @AntoineTifine: Conf de presse devant le Parlement Européen avec @MicheleRivasi @KarimaDelli @CatherineGreze @sandrinebelier @yjadot htt…
Sarah Ludford MEP (EU) : @ConMEPs. No need to. I get on well with
Michael Cashman (EU) : Leaving the European Parliament in Strasbourg for the last time. 15 years. 15 wonderful years during which I had... fb.me/1mEkMOIkd