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Desigualdad en los ingresos (10% más rico - 10 más pobre). España: 7a wef.ch/1MRwMKo Fuente: @OECD Vía: @wef http://t.co/ixHIVcZy6

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@KeithB_N One of the things about Twitter is that people read a great deal into Tweets that just isn't there.

Zapraszam do zapoznania się z moim najnowszym artykułem o problemach Unii Energetycznej: euractiv.com/sections/energ…

I am pleased to invite you to read my latest article about the problems and challenges Energy Union: euractiv.com/sections/energ…

RT @FUDdaily: Leaving EU may cause polar inversion say British universities. #Brexit http://t.co/WQaKo6XT0X

RT @Mboyle1888: @DanHannanMEP pmsl at your anecdotal misinformed bullshit

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RT @Hugodixon: How about 75% of Greeks who, despite the agony, want to stay in the euro? Or do you not @DanHannanMEP care for their views, …

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By @stephenkb stephenkb "I'm more convinced than ever that Jeremy Corbyn is going to win" newstatesman.com/politics/2015/… @sturdyAlex