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Roger Helmer (EU) retweeted @TruthJavelin :

RT @TruthJavelin: JC "The EU benefits the young" Er.. Youth unemployment in - Greece 48.6% Spain 47% Italy 38.1% France 25.7% Really? https…

RT @gracey_knoll: @TynesideCelt @DCBMEP @NicolaSturgeon Take your trite tired old abuse away. Remain was based on sheer ignorance, Nothing…

RT @kooptech: Ehemann der ermordeten Politikerin Cox: "Hass hat keinen Glauben, keine Rasse oder Religion, er ist giftig."…

David C Bannerman (EU) retweeted @hipict :

RT @hipict: @DCBMEP We don't even have an aircraft carrier until 2019. We'd be screwed if the Argies were in a position to invade again. Un…

Jadwiga Wiśniewska (EU) tweeted :


Jadwiga Wiśniewska (EU) tweeted :


RT @dwnews: Austerity no cure-all, Germany's @sigmargabriel says in Greece

Giovanni Toti (EU) tweeted :

In Consiglio Regionale un minuto di doveroso silenzio e cordoglio per le vittime del tragico attentato di #instanbul

Nicolas Bay (EU) retweeted @fandetv :

RT @fandetv: VIDEO @nicolasbayfn à @MichelBarnier "Vous défendez un modèle que les peuplent rejettent de plus en plus !" #Brexit https://t.…

Roger Helmer (EU) retweeted @russjb2512 :

RT @russjb2512: Vote_leave Grassroots Lets unite and #Brexit