Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

Michał Boni (EU) retweeted @ianbremmer :

RT @ianbremmer: Obama: Sony made a mistake pulling "The Interview." Read: don't expect much reaction from US government.

Richard Corbett (EU) tweeted :

My website's having technical difficulties this morning. Some pages aren't loading. Apologies -- we're working on it! richardcorbett.org.uk

Charles Tannock (EU) tweeted :

Sad to hear of death of my West Mids colleague Phil Bradbourne MEP-we were both '99 intake & served as whips-RIP &condolences to his family

RT @wesstreeting: @JWoodcockMP We need to get our @CarolineFlintMP on strictly!

RT @nataliemcgarry: Wow. Better Together advert says UK has delivered equality? Tell that to women paid 13% less than men in FT jobs & 74% …

RT @claude59orchies: Robert Rochefort participe à un débat sur LCP ln.is/robertrochefor… La France gagnerait à avoir un 1er ministre tel q…

Javi López (EU) tweeted :

Denunciamos ante la Comisión Europea la #LeyMordaza. Incompatible con la Carta de Derechos Fundamentales de la UE. http://t.co/ACwSiTlU5I

Roger Helmer (EU) retweeted @Tardigradian :

RT @Tardigradian: @Queerily @RogerHelmerMEP - Also, no evidence that EU has prevented wars. Now, Ukr. Conflict initiated by EU, possibly le…