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«Η παιδεία έχει από μόνη της ανεκτίμητη προστιθέμενη αξία, δεν χρειάζεται επιπλέον 23%»…

@ThomasHoof1 Time for all that when we've left the EU!

@Contendment But there genuinely *are* girls called Viola, Marina, Miranda, Olivia.

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It's sweet the way the Labour candidates saying they need to be in power "for the sake of the people". The people will decide that, thanks.

RT @Jakub_Stefaniak: Taka "ruina" i "zgliszcza"...…

@AbulFidaHamwi The "usual ridiculous island mentality" that makes us the biggest foreign aid donor in Europe?

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Worth noting that the PM didn't mention benefits when he promised a renegotiation at Bloomberg.He promised to repatriate significant powers.

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RT @soso_toni: @EvaKaili Έχει ξανασυμβεί στο τρίγωνο των Βερμούδων. Εδώ εξαφανίστηκε η μισή εθνική οικονομία, σε ανθρώπους θα κολλούσαν;

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RT @asaifd: @michele_bonsi @comilara @lucia_for Toti: " Questo è un paese che ha bisogno di più crescita e occupazione, non di scioperi e s…

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It's simply not true that Corbyn appeals only to Labour's new members. He's also ahead among long-standing party members and trade unions.