Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

Από την περιοδεία του Νότη Μαριά στην Ιταλία http://t.co/X5dKrsZEzY

federley (EU) retweeted @History_Pics :

RT @History_Pics: Audrey Hepburn in Vogue, 1955. http://t.co/cMKwWcV1GQ

RT @ecologiEnergie: Marée noire dans le delta du #Gange : @RoyalSegolene propose une assistance technique aux autorités du #Bangladesh http…

RT @BBCNews: Brent Crude oil price falls below $60 a barrel for first time since 2009 bbc.in/1zqQzL4 http://t.co/JyvfPWHiGT

Daniel Hannan (EU) retweeted @AmbroseEP :

RT @AmbroseEP: Thought last night that Russia rate shock would buy time for rouble. It bought precisely two hours of Moscow trading. Now wh…

Daniele Viotti (EU) retweeted @pinapic :

RT @pinapic: A Strasburgo con @danieleviotti alla conferenza stampa di presentazione della interrogazione su trascrizione matrimoni stesso …

RT @nappiseverino: [Fondi Ue] Vogliamo sconfiggere Terra dei Fuochi e far vincere terra del buono @fulviomartuscie @GiuseppeGargani http://…

RT @guardian: Joe Strummer has deep sea snail named after him bit.ly/1syy9IQ

Renaud Muselier (EU) tweeted :

Cessons immédiatement de tergiverser à propos de la Métropole, entrons enfin dans le XXIe siècle ! Ma tribune... fb.me/6j4FEM0ao

Renaud Muselier (EU) tweeted :

Marseille, métropole en péril fb.me/3GvoaHQaM