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MPs of the European Union

Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

Ana Gomes, MEP (PS) : RT @2014Europarl: Spain adopts symbolic motion recognizing #Palestine on.rt.com/8h9xhb
David Coburn MEP (EU) : RT @Nigel_Farage: The same as their Clacton campaign, Tories are now briefing that house prices in Rochester will fall if UKIP is elected. …
David Coburn MEP (EU) : RT @politics_db: VIDEO: Where do UKIP and Labour stand on NHS? ift.tt/1vi0bsX | BBC
David Coburn MEP (EU) : RT @Documark: "The English always had a very good view of the Scots but now they have a bad view of the Scots", Ukip MEP David Coburn tells…
David Coburn MEP (EU) : RT @rog_ukip: £850m that the UK government is giving away to Brussels for the EU bill could pay for 59,500 (band 1) nurses instead.
Milan Zver (EU) : RT @conradhackett: German universities have stopped charging tuition zmescience.com/other/germany-… http://t.co/pdPB398jva
vickyford MEP (EU) : RT @MichalBoni: @Europarl_EN 1/3TRUST is needed for Big Data development, TRUST is needed as a basic for digital single market:not 28 legal…
James Carver MEP (EU) : @David_Cameron promised @Conservatives would "throw the kitchen sink" at Rochester & Strood and @UKIP From what I've seen, it's got no plug!
Matteo Salvini (EU) : Sui mezzi pubblici a #Milano c'è gente che urina davanti a passeggeri e aggredisce controllori: vogliamo stare a guardare? #Salvini #Ballarò