Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

Richard Howitt MEP (EU) tweeted :

#SriLanka Ambassador tells us new President will "end authoritarianism" & reconcile with UN Human Rights Council.

Karima Delli (EU) tweeted :

RDV ce soir à 20h à la Mairie de Coutances pour une réunion publique organisée par le collectif #StopTAFTA bassenormandie.eelv.fr/2015/01/13/sto… @eelvbn

RT @EuropaPSC: RT @TheProgressives: S&Ds stop right-wing attempt to weaken the Emissions Trading System #ETS @TheresaMEP @kvanbrempt http:/…

Daniel Hannan (EU) retweeted @CapX :

RT @CapX: Ignore Oxfam – global poverty is falling - via @ASI bit.ly/1E5g3SIw #CapX http://t.co/aaWBYOxfQW

RT @AustrianCenter: We've been saying it, too! "Davos is a corporatist racket": bit.ly/1y1DJ2a @DanHannanMEP @CapX @wef

RT @EUWatchers: ECB’s long-awaited quantitative easing is not a panacea bit.ly/1JbUlfX via @guardian #EUpol http://t.co/OSRtaUB2lo

RT @EUWatchers: European Central Bank poised to launch €1tn quantitative easing bit.ly/1JbEOg7 via @guardian #EUpol http://t.co/Xzw…

Daniel Hannan (EU) replied to @matt_young :

@matt_young @AlexeiGaran @siobhankennedy4 He's no longer alive to defend himself, but his belief in tax-cuts was not based on "trickledown".

RT @CPSThinkTank: Davos is a corporatist racket - @DanHannanMEP writing for @CapX capx.co/davos-is-a-cor… http://t.co/KBYqkM2Y3R