Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

Daniel Hannan (EU) tweeted :

What the EU needs is *less* cohesion: youtube.com/watch?v=oPsaIn…

Daniel Hannan (EU) tweeted :

The #bbcqt audience predictably ululated when @rustyrockets tore into parliamentary politics. But what is the alternative? Anarchy? Fascism?

Daniel Hannan (EU) tweeted :

Much looking forward to speaking at #YBFXI in Cambridge tomorrow. Some of the soundest young people in the country.

Daniel Hannan (EU) replied to @AEI :

How big is the gender pay gap once we factor in lifestyle choices? Via @AEI. washex.am/1yySgIi http://t.co/umshC0zV6E

Daniel Hannan (EU) tweeted :

The one thing Ed Miliband had going for him was a reputation for consistency, even stubbornness. Until now. http://t.co/hYstuTo1fU

RT @MattMackinnon92: “Britain should look after our own workers first" says #UKIP's @Steven_Woolfe telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/im… #Migration #Emplo…

Daniel Hannan (EU) tweeted :

I'm delighted to be starting a regular column with @ConHome tomorrow. conservativehome.com/parliament/201…

Daniel Hannan (EU) replied to @HWinckelmann :

You know what I like best about Lefties, @HWinckelmann? The broadmindedness.

Michał Boni (EU) retweeted @ianbremmer :

RT @ianbremmer: CIA Detention, Visualized (NYT) http://t.co/WqsA0Y313m