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MPs of the European Union

Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

Eliza Vozemberg (EU) : Καλή επιτυχία στα παιδιά της @_shedia στο @homelesswrldcup Πολλά γκολ στα δίχτυα της φτώχειας & του κοινωνικού αποκλεισμού #HWCSupporter
Daniel Hannan (EU) : RT @FarleyP: @DanHannanMEP Glad to hear it Dan. Great piece on CH today on that subject which all MEP's should read.
Sylvie Guillaume (inconnu) : RT @Maitre_Eolas: Et pour ceux qui invoquent la loi du 11 oct 2010, je vous invite à méditer ce passage de la circulaire d'application. htt…
Joulaud Marc (EU) : 1/4 La justice vient de condamner à 4 ans de prison les auteurs des agressions perpétrées dans le centre-ville de il y a 1 semaine #sarthe
Pablo Zalba (EU) : RT @BankingUnion_eu: European Banks See ECB Exams as Step to Unlocking Lending - Bloomberg via @BloombergNews bloom.bg/1zhcpDW
Pablo Zalba (EU) : RT @EPPGroup: we're recruiting! Here's more information on the requirements and how to apply: ow.ly/CVhdk #jobs
Pablo Zalba (EU) : RT @Europarl_ES: Descubre los temas descatados del #plenoPE del 20 al 23 de octubre: ow.ly/CUjPP #EPhearings2014 #Presupuesto #C…
Daniel Hannan (EU) : Burke never spoke that line about 'all it takes for evil to triumph'. In politics, he was broadly in favour of good men doing nothing.
Daniel Hannan (EU) : @james_randerson It's telling that you assume people want voting systems that happen to suit their party.
Jacek Saryusz-Wolski (EU) : RT @lennutrajektoor: Losses of #Russian Federation regular army in #Ukraine. Total 4360 soldiers KIA. http://t.co/qa7xwQkOAN