Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

@G_Basilico ho parlato con @PolettiGiuliano che mi ha assicurato massimo impegno suo e del Mise per affrontare questione #Indesit #caserta

LARA COMI (unknown) tweeted :

Emergenze Immigrazione: prima d dare colpa all' Europa, gli stati membri deleghino a Bxl il potere politico+esercito unico...#fattinnparole

RT @TheAdiePearson: .@paulnuttallukip in action this evening. Brilliant public speaker & incredibly passionate about our policies! #UKIP ht…

Jonathan Arnott MEP (EU) tweeted :

Nigel Farage responds well when the pressure's on. He needs a good performance in tonight's debate, and I expect him to get one.

Reinhard Bütikofer (EU) tweeted :

umption of fossil fuels will be nil; the effect on the growth of institutions’ endowments will be negative

@paullloydroach Of course. No one agrees 100 per cent with any manifesto.

@JohnPaull_ Thanks. But its the "party over principle" attitude from some UKIP friends that now risks putting Miliband in, so no referendum.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

God, I love evenings like this, when the hawthorn is in blossom and the birdsong is at its creacendo. There's nowhere in the world like it.

RT @lellone6: @comilara con tanti partecipanti esperti ed intelligenti, aspettiamo fiduciosi una risposta su come fermare centinaia di migl…

RT @NewsvilleBe: «Ειδικό κονδύλι για την αντιμετώπιση της πρωτοφανούς αύξησης των παράτυπων μεταναστών στα Ελληνικά νησιά» @vozemberg http:…