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MPs of the European Union

Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

Daniel Hannan (EU) : RT @Jaffa64729021: God Bless @DanHannanMEP. This article sent shivers down my spine. An excellent retort to Barroso's mindless comments. ht…
Jean Lambert MEP (EU) : RT @Independent: Nigel Farage strikes alliance with far-right MEP who joked about Hitler and beating women ind.pn/1t8EgBC http://t.…
Daniel Hannan (EU) : RT @Martin_J_Hill: I can't stand the DailyMail but this is excellent by @DanHannanMEP on what the UK has to offer despite the EU http://t.c…
G. Landsbergis (EU) : @BarrosoEU, the outgoing president of the @EU_Commission, delivers his final speech to @Europarl_EN at 3 pm #EP Strasbourg
Dim. Papadimoulis (EU) : Στρασβούργο, προς Κατάινεν: «Η θεωρία σας ότι με σκληρή, μονόπλευρη λιτότητα θα έρθουν και οι επενδύσεις, έχει… wp.me/pGWy9-1Lw
David Coburn MEP (EU) : RT @EP_Speeches: #DavidCoburn: #driftnetban ... example of bureaucratic landlubbers telling salty sea dogs how to run their business https:…
David Coburn MEP (EU) : RT @LeeWatersUKIP: Latest Poll shows UKIP on 24% demonstrating other pollsters 'should move with the times' ukip.org// #UKIP
David Coburn MEP (EU) : RT @britainelects: National Opinion Poll (Lord Ashcroft): LAB - 31% (-1) CON - 28% (=) UKIP - 18% (-1) GRN - 8% (+3) LDEM - 7% (-1)
David Coburn MEP (EU) : RT @bernerlap: There is something very ‘special' about this picture of Ed & the Labour winner of Heywood & Middleton by election http://t.c…
Nathalie Griesbeck (inconnu) : Après le rdv avec le RTL Klub, et avant de filer aux votes de la session plénière, passage en salle pour saluer... fb.me/1QrPbqPKz