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@GreenRupertRead The referendum is going ahead, and is about the actual EU before us - not on a more congenial version we'd have preferred.

@GreenRupertRead How false? We have to decide whether we like the current deal. We can legitimately then debate what to put in its place.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

@MrTCHarris @Xtians4Britain Tom, my respect for you was already sky-high; it is now stratospheric.

Ouch. All the Project Fear stuff about Calais has been denied by the French government. Try harder, stay-mongers.…

Lynn Boylan MEP (unknown) tweeted :

Yes Joan SF have costed proposals that work within ACTUAL fiscal space. Labour are making promises paid for through fantasy €2bn #GE16

Ernest Maragall (EU) tweeted :

15/2 "MÉS EUROPA MÉS VERDA" amb @ph_lamberts "GreensEP defensa una #Europa sostenible, pròspera i socialment justa"

RT @alexritson: @AlexLe_Vey @SyedKamall @Channel4News well said Syed! We need a 24 hour tube

Nathan Gill (unknown) tweeted :

Euro Federism, if you vote to stay, expect full steam ahead to the EU superstate

Charles Tannock (EU) replied to @Hugodixon :

@Hugodixon @InFactsOrg in fairness UK benefits highly technical matter & PM can be forgiven for minor error &principle stands of pullfactor