Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

roberto gualtieri (EU) tweeted :

Domenica 26 marzo, ospite di @tgrregioneuropa, alle 11:30 del mattino su Rai Tre: http://t.co/BpXheCuNVN

RT @ffhandball: #CDF - Mouna Chebbah emmène @HBCNimes en prolongation !!! 24-24

Catherine Bearder (EU) tweeted :

So our house has it May coat on! #GE2015 @LibDems @OxfordLibDems pic.twitter.com/z9BpvziCog

Catherine Bearder (EU) tweeted :

So our house has it May cost on! #GE2015 @LibDems @OxfordLibDems http://t.co/z9BpvziCog

Sven Giegold (EU) tweeted :

Gutes Meinungsklima! 73% wollen die dreckigsten Braunkohlekraftwerke drosseln. #AntiKohleKette mobil.wwf.de/2015/april/sch… http://t.co/mlHVkbF6Hb

RT @jeroenverlonje: @thierrybaudet @DanHannanMEP @PeterWallace_1 Please embrace us Flemings as well!

LARA COMI (unknown) replied to @gug20094 :

@gug20094 se così, hai colto possibilità -fondo garanzia seniores-?

RT @DMdoubleV: .@f_philippot en visite à la maison natale du Général de Gaulle à Lille. http://t.co/B7orrlDy1R

Michel Reimon (EU) retweeted @jehofa :

RT @jehofa: Tippfehler können die schönsten Tweets urinieren.

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

@Will_MYP OK, so on 5 May I'll be in Binstead from 6pm, and on 6 May St Helen's from 10.30 am.