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MPs of the European Union

Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

Catherine Bearder (EU) : @AgriChatUK Q2b, EU shouldn't be micro managing, broad brush should be aim in then local cultural differences can be accommodated
Karima Delli (EU) : " Je tiens à commencer mon intervention par un hommage au combat de @novissen " Dominique Jourdain. #EETour #EE2014 #EELV #MilleVaches
Karima Delli (EU) : Étape lilloise Tour de France #EELV Débat "Europe, Jeunesse & Emploi" @mpbresson @C_Heusquin #EEtour #ee2014 http://t.co/RCeGDQPYw7
vickyford MEP (EU) : 1. The E of England has 7 MEPs - not one for each area like MPs. Some more interested than others. @NFUEastAnglia a patient teacher!
Marilena Koppa (EU) : Σε λίγο στο @zoomnewsgr του Γ.Κουβαρά @kouvie @action24_ με @GiorgosKyrtsos @EvaKaili @StratoulisD & Γ.Τούσσα tinyurl.com/mqxtm7o
Carl Schlyter (EU) : Ny mätning ger Front National 24% till EU-valet, största parti. De gröna 7%. Gigantiskt misslyckande för EU om inte fler röstar för tolerens
Alain Cadec (EU) : Merci à .@emorinchartier pour son dynamisme dans la campagne des élections des européennes ! #RoyanEuropéennes #GrandOuest
vickyford MEP (EU) : I'm sure the good Captain Mainwaring would have supported our plans for #ReformRenegotiationReferendum http://t.co/kq7J8rfdaT
Phil Prendergast (EU) : This morning I was on @TippFM discussing a new EU rule that will benifit anyone going on holiday this summer. soundcloud.com/philprendergas…