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Kaja Kallas MEP (EU) retweeted @KOD_EXPAT :

RT @KOD_EXPAT: @kajakallas great speech in parliament- shame Poland this week has introduced draconian internet surveillance laws

Margus Tsahkna (estonia) tweeted :

Toublebrexit from England! Iceland, welcome to EU!

Kalle Palling (unknown) tweeted :

Täna kl 16 toimub ELAK-i ja RK väliskomisjoni avalik ühisistung koos @TaaviRoivas . Kavas #brexit ja #EUcouncil…

RT @Number10gov: Read the Prime Minsiter's full statement following the result of the EU referendum

RT @thomasforth: The UK is no longer the world's 5th largest economy. The £ has fallen so far that France has overtaken us.

Jörgen Siil (unknown) tweeted :

Low turnout looks bad

RT @Urmaspaet: Armed man opens fire in cinema complex in the small German town of Viernheim, near Frankfurt. Up to 50 people hurt. My condo…