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RT @jimwaterson: Lisa Nandy, Owen Smith, John Healey, Nia Griffith, and Kate Green quit shadow cabinet, demand Corbyn goes, ask for Watson…

RT @C4Ciaran: Immigration. Patriotism. Muslims. People explain why they voted #Leave…

Nathan Gill (UKIP) retweeted @rog_ukip :

RT @rog_ukip: A message to young Remainers.

Watching this drama called #udaari @Humtvnetwork which my whole family is obsessed with. Has the woman figured out what's going on yet?!?!

@andybcfc2013 @C4Ciaran There are much bigger and seller issues at play here and we have to get to the bottom of it pretty damn quick!

RT @JonathanPlaid: Labour today is defined by chaos, dissent and disunity. Now is the time for @Plaid_Cymru to challenge not endorse them

Vikki Howells AM (wales) tweeted :

At Penrhiwceiber Miner's Run with Cllr Adam Fox & @craigmiddle. Well done runners & volunteers - great success! ◽

RT @ShaziaAwan: I literally never thought I'd ever be so pleased to see Tony Blair on TV in my life. #SundayPolitics he's talking a lot of…