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RT @cbdontsurf: @BumbleCricket looks a bit like @DanielJHannan on June 24th

Marc Tarabella (EU) tweeted :

Nous nous sommes battus pour une plus grande accessibilité des services publics en ligne aux personnes handicapées

Esther de Lange (EU) tweeted :

Raad snel akkoord, inhoud is minder. Nu het EP aan zet #roaming…

RT @DanielJHannan: Now look what you've done, you Brexit loons!

RT @AdamBienkov: Contrary to some reports Zac Goldsmith was even more convinced of dog whistle attacks against Khan than his own team https…

Hemos solicitado a la Alta Representante @FedericaMog que exija oficialmente el fin del bloqueo criminal de EEUU contra Cuba

Hans Jansen (EU) retweeted @HansBruger :

RT @HansBruger: @harryvandesp noem jij dit moedig? Dit noem ik meelopen, #zeurpieten ,die zich gediscrimineerd voelen, omdat ze hun zin wil…

RT @chrisapplegate: Re: the CETA talks: What idiot called it the Belgian Socialist Party and not 99 Red Walloons?

Michel Reimon (EU) retweeted @OCHAYemen :

RT <a href="" target="_blank">@OCHAYemen</a>: Trends show devastating impact of conflict in <a href="!/search?q=%23Yemen" target="_blank">#Yemen</a> on civilians and worsening humanitarian situation:

RT @greenpeace_de: Fakt: Millionen Bürger überall (!) in der #EU sagen "Nein!" zu #CETA! #StopCeta