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RT @IanDunt: Brexiters and Trump do not represent the 'left behind. They represent authoritarian nationalism…

On @bbc5live at 10pm - Calais migrants: closure to start on Monday.…

When I was 14, I paid £10 to blowtorch my name into a great slab of lead that now lines the cathedral ceiling. Makes me feel proprietorial.

@mfordhamhistory Englishness as it was in the eleventh century. Not being English, I'm perhaps not the right person to define it today.

@mfordhamhistory Not that I mind. Every historian should feel strongly about things. That you do speaks well of you.


@LeifDavidsen I was in SFO an hour ago - but not in the BA lounge!

@holland_tom @mslucycooke Does one say "Happy ISD" or "Merry ISD"? I can never remember.

@TheDoubleOh There's certainly one of us in this conversation struggling with logic.

@TheDoubleOh When have I ever suggested that we ignore the 48%?