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RT @tobiasgerman_: I næste uge er der to gratis arrangementer med @jilliancyork, Director of International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, og @karmel80. @emma_holten og @chulu er ogsaa paa panelet om torsdagen.……

RT @BakerLuke: EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier offers May his respect, in English... He seems to be suggesting that her successor may not be so intent on the "orderly withdrawal" aspect…

RT @BakerLuke: At 17h, turnout in France for the European Parliament elections was 43%, up substantially from 35% at the same time in 2014. Turnout is particularly strong in areas where Marine Le Pen's far-right party draws the most support -- the north, around Marseille, etc.

RT @BakerLuke: The European Parliament is often derided as a pointless talking shop. The #EP2019 results should challenge that argument. The Greens have surged, their support will be needed on all legislation. They will push a strong Green agenda, making #EU a world leader on the environment