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These observations of Twitter behavior from politicians where made in the period from 21 August 2018 07:29 untill 19 September 2018 07:29

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One day to go!!! We WILL clean the world on 15 September. Starting from New Zealand, a powerful green wave of cleanups will move across the world and end in Hawaii. A-MA-ZING! World Cleanup Day is Estonia's gift to the...…

RT @GuardianRover: The information war is real, and we're losing it…

RT @muhammad_muhith: Injecting new impetus to Bangladesh🇧🇩-Estonia🇪🇪 ties: Hon. FM of Estonia @svenmikser met with Hon. PM of Bangladesh to…

Palun, et mingit Indrek Tarandi efekti valimistel enam ei tule. “Parim enne” ammu möödas, ebaveenev parteivalik, üks paljudest kandidaatidest ühes tosinast ringkonnast. Probleem pigem sotside sisse kui teistele.