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These observations of Twitter behavior from politicians where made in the period from 18 February 2019 03:20 untill 19 March 2019 03:20

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Kaja Kallas MEP (EU) retweeted @smnmassi :

RT @smnmassi: Amazing discussion on climate cooperation and clean energy revolution: always interesting mixing several POVs in su…

Shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic mass shooting in #ChistchurchMosque. Strongly condemn this ghastly terrorist attack in #NewZealand.

It has been easy to find a reason to be proud of my country. Estonia really is as cool and Nordic as you have heard. For a first time I am afraid this is shifting away as our current PM has defided after an elecoral defeat to bring extremists to power.…

“Don’t try this at home”... oleks vist kohane öeelda populistide võimule aitamise kohta.