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Aro Velmet (estonia) tweeted :

Tänase päeva pealkirjanumber: 82 - uute haiglajuhtumite arv. Jaanuaris oli see number igapäevaselt ca 40.

Aro Velmet (estonia) tweeted :

I made this for my drugs history class last year, but also works for March 2020 / March 2021 thing that's going on

In a joint letter to @vonderleyen led by #AngelaMerkel, we present together with @MarinSanna & @MettePrime proposals for EU leadership & faster digital transition.

Vägistati ka nunnasid - siin Doris Wagneri lugu…

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @leanahosea :

RT @leanahosea: At an abandoned uranium mine, Arizona, my Geiger counter read 5000 mr/hr. Professor Kim Kearfott, explains these radiation levels are higher than those around Chernobyl. Prof Kearfott found levels of 2500 mr/hr at an unmarked mine next to a grade school. #radiation #health