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These observations of Twitter behavior from politicians where made in the period from 22 December 2018 22:46 untill 20 January 2019 22:46

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RT @SuomiFinland100: Suomi kärjessä! Legatum Instituten mukaan Suomen hallinto on maailman paras #suomi100

RT @Swedbank_Eestis: Noor ettevõtja - otsime Sind! Vaid 4 päeva veel avatud konkurss €5000 suurusele preemiale: htt…

Why are the terrorists welcomed as simple political protesters? Could members of ISIS to the same in France? French Donbas sniper heads security; for anti-government protests in Paris…

RT @Xavier_Bettel: I deeply regret the outcome of the vote as i regret Brexit as such. Now we need a fast and clear plan on how to procced.…

Homme hommikul arutab Euroopa Parlament kujunenud olukorda pärast Brexiyi lepingu äsjast làbikukkumist häältega 202:432 Briti parlamendis.