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FionaMcLoughlinHealy (fine-gael/Kildare South) replied to @fionamacky :

@dwdepaor Let's see what supporters are "rewarded" with Council seats/parliamentary seats across the country over next few weeks.

Cormac McKay Dublin (Independent /Dublin Central) tweeted :

#vinb Do you want a National Government

FionaMcLoughlinHealy (fine-gael/Kildare South) replied to @dwdepaor :

@dwdepaor def of corrupt politicians is pretty loose here though- little electoral impact for reps known to ignore law/code of conduct

Colm Keaveney T.D. (fianna-fáil/Galway East) retweeted @AbdullahSaylam :

RT @AbdullahSaylam: RT @AbdullahSaylam: A dog doesn't care if you are rich or poor. All he knows is that he loves you very much.

Oliver Moran (green-party/Cork North-Central) replied to @PopulistwatchIr :

@PopulistwatchIr RBB said Green Party cut investment in water. Record investment in fact. Water investment was cut by FG/Labour. #rtept