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RT @brbarrett: In just the last week, Facebook has been caught: • Intentionally tricking minors into running up huge in-app purchases and refusing to give refunds • Shutting down a vital ad transparency effort • Enticing kids as young as 13 to let Facebook view everything they do online

RT @marenmcmoen: RT @marenmcmoen: Porsgrunn Videregående Skole gjør underverker, @konservativ

RT @_TimBarker: Stanley Fish to Edward Said: “You're a Marxist. How come you have such a beautiful tie on?” Said: "When the revolution comes, everybody who wants to wear a tie like this, will just wear it."

RT @syaligohar: "We need to reduce emissions by 40-50% by 2030. That takes a lot of work. That takes a lot of commitment, but it's possible & we need to do it." -- Norway's @olaelvestuen appeals for urgent #ClimateAction at #COP24. Via @UN

Lahlum & Lysbakken lanserer stadig nye statsministerkandidater! Og: Yohan Shanmugaratnam er på besøk for å snakke om «Vi puster fortsatt», en personlig, sterk og rørende bok om rasisme og hverdagsantirasisme i Norge. På luften nå - overalt hvor du kan høre podkast! 🎧