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@jonkaldal Það má kjarna þetta spjall niður í að við erum ósammála um það

RT @welcomet0nature: RT @welcomet0nature: Soldiers paying tribute to 8 million horses, donkeys and mules that died during WW1. (1918)

RT @AminahEmina: RT @AminahEmina: "Women, children, the elderly - no one has been spared." #ShameOnYou @UN ! After #Srebrenica ,u said #neveragain ! https:…

RT @daithihartery: RT @daithihartery: As an Irish person, my only thought in Brexit is that I wish the Brits had discovered this zeal for getting out of place…

I’m deeply honoured to be a part of @ProgIntl and encourage all progressives to join us.…