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RT @ranil: Great meeting with @GudlaugurThor! 🇬🇧🇮🇸 trade remains strong, worth over £1.4bn last year, and is in safe hands. 🤝 I look forward to working closely together to boost this further - and as we press on with important trade talks. #GlobalTrade #GlobalBritain #Iceland #EEA #EFTA

RT @herrurbach: RT @herrurbach: I don‘t say that the next US election will bring devastation but have you all seen Postman?

RT @owillis: can we please finally stifle the myth of the businessman president? we've done it twice in 20 years and it's a goddamned disaster -- even for business!

RT @helga_kristin: RT @helga_kristin: #metoo umræðuhópar á #landsfundur18 er eitt stærsta framfaraspor sem ég hef upplifað í starfi Sjálfstæðisflokks. Vel gert

In a statement I delivered today on behalf of the Nordic Countries at #UNSC Arria meeting on the situation in #Belarus I stressed that we cannot stand idly by & hesitate in our criticism, when faced with such grave human rights violations & restrictions of freedoms.@UrmasReinsalu