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@jonoduffy @trostursig Thanks man, vut outside the two of us I hqve never heard the connection made, which is weird

@FreyrDaniel @jonoduffy And I stole it from my dqd to be pedantic, Jono and I already had this conversation, sorry for tweeting it though

@FreyrDaniel @jonoduffy The thing that made it different wqs that my dad didn't understand. until my German raised brother ran put laughong

@MagnusRagnars Ég vissi ekki að þið @thorbjorghelga væruð að fara saman í ferðalag

Andrés Ingi (iceland) tweeted :

Óvæntar niðurstöður! Ég tók kosningapróf RÚV og niðurstaðan er: Andrés Ingi Jónsson #kosningar…