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RT @jakefm: RT @jakefm: Got a letter that says I'm an essential employee, and a paycheck that says I'm not.

Andrés Ingi (iceland) replied to @dagnyara :

@dagnyara Er framtíð fósturlands björt?

Rósa Björk B (iceland) tweeted :

Thank you @OpenSociety for mapping and documenting with such professionalism cases of abuse and mistreatment of women in labour around the world since the #pandemic started. The findings are often terrible #Feminism #gender #HumanRightsViolations #birth #breastfeeding

RT @swedenfactcheck: RT @swedenfactcheck: It’s the Easter holiday you fucking muppets…

Er að spá. Hvort er freka kerlingin meira húrrandi klikkuð kvunta eða apaköttur sem veit ekki neitt?