All deleted tweets from politicians

You’re living for nothing now, I hope you’re keeping some kind of record. ex-Senator. @4zzzradio vollie & Barista of Mercy @ShadowplayBNE Did you ever go clear?

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RT @oz_f: RT @oz_f: An important story that we shouldn’t lose sight of amidst everything else going on.

RT @richimedhurst: If the UK can release Al Qaeda members from Belmarsh on house arrest it can certainly afford to let a journalist be at home with his family instead of recklessly exposing him to a virus and torturing him. He shouldn't even be in jail in the first place. British "justice".

RT @davidsirota: A thought: Making the oligarchic ruling class more diverse should be a lower priority than ending the existence of an oligarchic ruling class.

@jonkudelka Almost seems like you enjoy being a wanker? Which is fair enough really - people wouldn’t keep wanking I’d they didn’t enjoy it. (Apart from me obvs - no way I would be a wanking wanker)

RT @DrIanHall: This story isn't particular to the study of China or Chinese language learning. It applies also to study of all Asian societies and languages. We don't fund it; we don't value it.…

RT @PeterCronau: Intelligence agencies broke the law - and lied about it. #IGIS ‘NSA surveillance exposed by Snowden was illegal, court rules…

RT @PeterCronau: Torture. Of a journalist. An Australian journalist. An Australian journalist who committed no crime in the US. An Australian journalist who published secrets about war crimes. Torture..

RT @PeterCronau: RT @PeterCronau: Journalists around the world speak up for Julian. Journalists in Australia, too, can join. https:/…

@lorrainewhat @nextelectionlol Doesn’t everybody? (I believe not, but they should)