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Shadow Minister for Employment, Industry, Science and Small Business

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RT @BOConnorMP: RT @BOConnorMP: One job!

RT @BOConnorMP: Another snivelling apologist for Trump and his violent cult acolytes. Watch Liberal Trump supporters use weasel words to defend the indefensible. Instead of attacking Labor a true democrat would join us and condemn the violent and undemocratic actions of Trump unreservedly.

RT @BOConnorMP: RT @BOConnorMP: Apart from arrant nonsense and her disregard for health advice, have you ever heard such a whinger !? Everyday!

@BradfieldThe Can’t spell ◽

RT @MFWitches: How the fuck did Australia become a place where the grifters who rorted it all to hold power are also free to break whichever laws they fucking choose? [Pics sent in to our FB, taken y’day of @senbmckenzie & friend in Wodonga, where it’s still necessary to wear masks in shops.]

RT @ShaughnessyMat: RT @ShaughnessyMat: In this origin story, our hero had her brain removed and replaced with angry spiders

RT @akkitwts: RT @akkitwts: This is the best thing you'll see today ◽

RT @GChristensenMP: RT @GChristensenMP: I'd remind Twitter warriors that I am not the Govt Whip but Chief Whip of the Nationals who were all in the parliament…

Why hasn’t @ScottMorrisonMP joined other democratic conservative leaders around the world and condemned the conduct of Trump in his role in the attack on Capitol Hill?

RT @BOConnorMP: I think it’s now past time for @ScottMorrisonMP to publicly condemn the violent and undemocratic assault upon Capitol Hill and the storming of the Congress by Trump insurrectionists. We expect our nation’s leader to speak up.