All deleted tweets from politicians

Dad, True Believer, ALP Senator for Qld. All content authorised by Murray Watt, ALP Canberra

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RT @QTUPresident: Qld members of the @AustralianLabor federal caucus joining @AEUfederal @TheQTU on the lawns of parliament house to see what funding has been denied to schools in their electorates under the @ScottMorrisonMP govt - #changethegovernment to #changetherules for #fairfundingnow

Whether it’s bushfires or vaccines, you can always rely on Scott Morrison to turn it into a political PR opportunity. #ScottyFromMarketing

RT @GrogsGamut: It's getting to the point where "Victorian Liberal Party candidate" is up there with "Colourful racing identity" as a moniker you want to avoid.…

RT @GrogsGamut: RT @GrogsGamut: Without a wages boost we face a lost decade of living standard growth. My post on the latest HILDA survey…

RT @vanOnselenP: So Premiers pushed the PM into lockdowns when needed early on, they run hotel quarantine, the feds run aged care which failed, so far the vaccine rollout seems flawed and JobKeeper indiscriminately splashed cash. Why is the PM so pleased with his handling of the pandemic exactly?

RT @AlboMP: Launching Labor’s Pandemic Recovery Jobs and Industry Taskforce in Cairns with @MiltonDickMP and @nitagreenqld. Jobs are our number one focus. We can’t leave communities like this one behind.

RT @joshgnosis: @workmanalice Cash was due to be fronting the committee tonight, but left for a "meeting" right when Alice put in media inquiries with Keenan's office. Has not returned.

RT @joshgnosis: Here is Home Affairs suggesting that at least half of the "one million jobs created" in the last five years being trumpeted by the government were created as a result of immigration. #estimates

RT @joshgnosis: RT @joshgnosis: An agency in crisis: Human Services struggles under Centrelink debacle.… #notmydebt

RT @joshgnosis: RT @joshgnosis: DHS was using the AFP's referral into Tudge to avoid answering questions. I await their answers now.…