All deleted tweets from politicians

Liberal Senator for the ACT. 🇦🇺 Minister for International Development and the Pacific. Authorised by Z Seselja, Liberal Party of Australia, Canberra.

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RT @MathiasCormann: Bill Shorten’s numbers don’t add up. He can’t even count to five properly. He can’t be trusted with our economy or our Budget. #canttrustbill #cantaddup #shiftybill #budgetreply18

RT @MathiasCormann: RT @MathiasCormann: Anthony Albanese is spot on. Bill Shorten’s anti-business rhetoric bad for Australia.…

RT @MathiasCormann: So a Bill Shorten Captains Call, pushing his anti-business, anti-growth, anti-jobs agenda which will hurt the economy, hurt families and cost jobs!…

RT @MathiasCormann: Shorten Labor, if allowed to govern, will eventually hurt all Australians. They will start with those they dislike the most. Those who work hard, take risks and save all their lives to get ahead. As they run out of their money they will go after everybody else! #auspol

RT @MathiasCormann: Late last year Bill Shorten tried to ram a Bill through Parliament which he now effectively says would have stopped us turning away criminals & put people smugglers back into business. It would be law by now if Shorten got his way. He cannot be trusted with our borders. #auspol

RT @MathiasCormann: When Labor last lost Govt they left behind rising unemployment which lead to lower wages growth. Mandating wage rises would push up unemployment again. Stronger wages growth comes with stronger economic growth, productivity growth, more jobs & lower unemployment. #askandrewleigh

RT @MathiasCormann: Not good enough to wipe some of their tax hikes from their website. Labor should wipe their $387bn tax grab all together. Labor’s higher taxes on retirees, housing, income, investments, family business, and electricity would harm the economy, cost jobs & leave families worse off.

RT @MathiasCormann: Treasury and Finance independently confirm budget surplus and expose Labor’s lies: #AusVotes2019 #budgetsurplus #pefo2019 #laborlies #auspol

RT @MathiasCormann: Labor’s Ed Husic on @SkyNewsAust having great difficulty explaining Bill Shorten’s pledge to “look at” tax cuts for those earning over $250k. Either Labor don’t understand their tax policy, or Bill Shorten lied to the worker in Gladstone yesterday. #AusVotes2019 #auspol

RT @MathiasCormann: Hey @billshortenmp in 2013 Labor left a weakening economy, rising unemployment & a rapidly deteriorating budget position. We turned that around, stronger growth, more jobs & a budget back in the black. Higher unemployment = lower wages. Lower unemployment = stronger wages.