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Senator for Vic. Transport, infrastructure, women, forests, LGBTIQ, ag & rural. Authorised by Janet Rice, Australian Greens, Parliament House, Canberra 2600.

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RT @michaelkoziol: So currently in Australia: - Half the entire ministry has resigned - The PM has been told he doesn’t have the confidence of his party to lead - Documents are being madly shredded in ministers’ offices - The government is trying to cancel Parliament #auspol #libspill3

RT @DrSteveRobson: Good to have the opportunity to speak with the #SenateInquiryStillbirth in Melbourne today. Insightful discussion. Raising awareness of this silent tragedy is a key first step. @janet_rice @KKeneally @ranzcog

@abcmelbourne @emvdn @Raf_Epstein Trieste is now all tuckered out after her big afternoon in the public eye!

RT @alawriedejesus: Too many LGBT students have similar stories to mine. It’s time for Commonwealth Parliament to take action and stop any more kids being unnecessarily hurt. Cc @SenatorMac @Senator_Patrick @kimbakit @Louise_Pratt @janet_rice

RT @johnmyeye: RT @johnmyeye: Nice one @ScottMorrisonMP. you're a real good bloke #auspol

Janet Rice (australia) tweeted :

Here in parliament from my own Parliament office in Brunswick I would have dearly loved to have been in Canberra, but this pandemic has changed how we work and live. I’m glad I am able to represent Victorians in this way.

Janet Rice (australia) tweeted :

Hearing record #COVID19 cases & 13 tragic deaths today here in Vic is heartbreaking & so worrying. Thinking of those who’ve lost family or friends Thanks to health workers doing such yard hards Big virtual hugs everyone as we stay home, wear a mask, & look out for each other😷♥️

Janet Rice (australia) tweeted :

From Bureau of Meteorology at the Australian #bushfire senate hearing: There is doubt that the planet is warming and that the causes of that warming have a significant human footprint on it. Beyond doubt & evidence is unequivocal. #auspol #ClimateChange

Janet Rice (australia) tweeted :

#sportsrorts hearing: Mr Patsan "I'd tell [the PM] why we are disappointed, how this affected people, & how much trust he has lost. If he ever wants to win the seat of Newcastle in the future, he's not going the wrong way about it." @ScottMorrisonMP Mr Patsan is in CBR today FYI

Janet Rice (australia) tweeted :

I moved a motion in the @AuSenate this week calling on the Morrison govt to invest in bikes & walking infrastructure now - good stimulus and ensures people can ride safely as workplaces reopen - sadly the Libs/Nats did not support it…