All deleted tweets from politicians

Labor Senator for Tasmania. Authorised by Helen Polley, ALP Launceston.

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Helen Polley (australia) tweeted :

It is time for a government that cares about aged care. Please share if you agree #auspol #politas #agedcare

RT @meredithhammat: Big applause as Shorten announces that when an EBA expires it will stay in place until something new is negotiated under a Shorten Labor Government. #ausunions #changetherules @AWUnion

RT @meredithhammat: Mostly I just don't understand how a pair of shoes can be worth $25,000. That's more than half the minimum wage. #changetherules #auspol…

Helen Polley (australia) tweeted :

First Nations people have occupied and cared for this continent for over 65,000 years.’ We acknowledge and celebrate the breadth and depth of First People’s knowledge, achievements, experiences and stories #auspol #politas #NAIDOC

Helen Polley (australia) tweeted :

That health costs have never been higher than under Scott Morrison. In Launceston and outer areas costs are up 57% or an increase of $27.34, making an average fee of $75.37 #auspol #politas #healthcosts @ExaminerOnline

Helen Polley (australia) tweeted :

Labor will make child care affordable for all Australians #auspol #politas #childcare

RT @AlboMP: RT @AlboMP: Australia needs a real anti-corruption commission – one that people can trust to restore faith in our democracy.…

RT @michaelkoziol: George Brandis on the verge of tears as he tells Pauline Hanson her behaviour is "appalling". Standing ovation from ALP/Greens. #auspol #QT

RT @michaelkoziol: ALP President Wayne Swan revving up the delegates: “As social democrats today, you are bold or you are dead.” #LabConf18

Helen Polley (australia) tweeted :

"The state's residential aged care facilities made more than 130 requests for personal protective equipment from the national stockpile between March and mid-August, but just 25 were approved" @ExaminerOnline #auspol #politas…