All deleted tweets from politicians

Husband to Bec. Dad to Grace & Max. Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy. Member for McMahon. 🔶◼️

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“The Nationals opposition to climate action has put the party at odds with the very people they are meant to represent” - Charlie Prell, sheep farmer, sheep farmer from Angus Taylor’s electorate 👇…

RT @joshgnosis: RT @joshgnosis: Labor's @TimWattsMP has written to Facebook about Clive advertising it on Facebook.

Greg Hunt loves to tell us what a great job he does on the PBS But the truth is different When a patient group decides their only chance for the listing of a life changing drug is the election of a Labor Government there is a problem. Fix this this now:List Emgality & Ajovy

The living owe it to those who no longer speak to tell their story for them. #RemembranceDay2020

RT @ktxby: RT @ktxby: We've asked for @GregHuntMP to apologise. #mam2020 #auspol

No content with promoting discredited COVID drugs, Scott Morrison’s Captains Pick,Craig Kelly is now sharing anti-vax, Bill Gates laden conspiracy theory videos. This is dangerous stuff. Will Scott Morrison or Greg Hunt finally say something about this, or will they stay silent?

@john_boyne It’s made it down under.

@john_boyne I’d put The Absolutist at the top.

RT @john_boyne: Kirk Douglas was one of those who stood up to the House Un-American Activities Committee & Joe McCarthy by giving Dalton Trumbo an official on-screen credit for SPARTACUS, helping to bring an end to the blacklist era and letting writers write. R.I.P. #KirkDouglas

@Acyn If JL did that on the pod you’d say he’s gone too far, it’s not credible