All deleted tweets from politicians

MP Moreton & Whip; lawyer; author: 12th Fish, Big Fig & Solid Rock; teacher; literature & music lover; bass-player; husband; dad; dog, cat & yabby lover.

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RT @archpics: RT @archpics: Flying buttresses at Notre Dame in Paris- France

RT @denniallen: Trump signs new trade deal with China in January esp. re grains. Trumps gets Australia to ramp up criticism of China re Covid-19, China retaliates with 80% tariff on Australia's most lucrative grain barley. Australia farmers have no subsidies/America's do. Hmm. 🤔🤔 #auspol #MSM

RT @Ryan_Kennealy: RT @Ryan_Kennealy: Thanks also to @SharonClaydon for her statement on Thursday in Parliament on the #GlobalFund. #auspol #EndItForGood http…

RT @jeromecookie: Queen, Bowie & Annie Lennox - under pressure rehearsal ,1992 after 2 minute of the full video ofc, brian may & david smiled to each other cus they decided that annie could manage Freddie’s part

RT @melbfestival: The first of the 2016 #arttrams, by Reko Rennie. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land @yarratrams @Creative_Vic

RT @JoeKellyMP: RT @JoeKellyMP: @GrahamPerrettMP great to see you at Welcomefest.

RT @blahblahellis: RT @blahblahellis: @Sandra_Sully this morning @GrahamPerrettMP predicted zombie apocalypse in ten years, taking bets neither pollie is righ…

RT @blahblahellis: RT @blahblahellis: @GrahamPerrettMP This is exactly what we need in parliament. People with brains. Brains! BRAINS!!!!

RT @blahblahellis: RT @blahblahellis: @GrahamPerrettMP @m_g_bauer Great now I have that stuck in my head... Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry... AAAGH!