All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @GrogsGamut: RT @GrogsGamut: Best test series for a very long time. India, absolutely superb #AUSvIND

RT @chaser: "According to Instagram the Covid vaccine makes you MORE likely to die of Covid" says person who shouldn't need to worry because clearly they're already braindead

RT @arielbogle: RT @arielbogle: This moment is the junction of sovereign citizen and 'succulent Chinese meal' in Australian lore, I feel.…

RT @CanberraInsider: RT @CanberraInsider: July 12, 1971: The Aboriginal flag, designed by artist Harold Thomas, was flown for the first time in Adelaide. https:…

RT @peterjblack: "Our constitution is like a set of road rules. It's time to tweak those rules again" writes @SenatorDodson and @GrahamPerrettMP #auspol #llb203

RT @LDsquidtastic: RT @LDsquidtastic: This woman won today. I love this

RT @yassmin_a: RT @yassmin_a: I’m not proud of how much this made me laugh…

RT @npomalley: Smoke is now so thick in in Sydney it’s getting hard to see and breath even inside. Still, at least the PM is taking action on religious freedom.

RT @SquigglyRick: The agency said its accidental publishing of new “automatic” qualification lists was an error and phoned groups to tell them so. But the work is real, they just weren’t ready to announce anything.

RT @SquigglyRick: RT @SquigglyRick: day three of not knowing whether Jarrod Bleijie identifies as a male or not