All deleted tweets from politicians

Wayne Swan is the National President of the ALP and the former Labor Member for Lilley. He is also the former Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer of Australia

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RT @gabriel_zucman: Estimates of profit shifting updated to 2018—from our work "The Missing Profits of Nations" with @TTorslov and @LudvigWier—are now online Close to 40% of multinational profits were shifted to tax havens in 2018 👇👇👇

RT @Jeff_Sparrow: RT @Jeff_Sparrow: For obvious reasons this is circulating again. Worth watching again because it’s even worse than you remember.

RT @Jeff_Sparrow: The guy who headed the IPA’s climate denial unit for years but now belongs to the Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action would know something about masks. As would the guy who wants to use water cannons on protesters before working for the Human Rights Commission.

RT @Jeff_Sparrow: No one would have expected that Australian conservatives would become so invested pedophiles, domestic abusers etc. But IMO it’s the consequence of a movement that now has no distinctive vision of the ‘good life’: in fact, no program at all other than opposition to the left.

RT @Jeff_Sparrow: Paul Kelly’s latest column is breathtaking in its cynicism. ‘Climate action isn’t necessary but we should take it cos the market demands it and there’s no way to resist the market.’ Contemporary conservatism is a moral and intellectual wasteland.

RT @JoshBBornstein: Leigh Sales is entitled to her libertarian views but as an ABC employee who presents a news & current affairs show,she probably breaches ABC rules on impartiality. Fortunately for Leigh,the rules are usually only invoked against junior staff who are accused of leftist thoughts.

RT @Raf_Epstein: RT @Raf_Epstein: BioPharma Dispatch on whether other vax deals were available last year Minister’s response

RT @GrogsGamut: Let's have a look at the median size of men's and women's super... and then ask yourself what type of govt would suggest the *victim* of DV should have to raid their super...

RT @dotarding: 2009- Stimulus is bad 2010- Stimulus is bad 2011- Stimulus is bad 2012- Stimulus is bad 2013- Stimulus is bad 2014- Stimulus is bad 2015- Stimulus is bad 2016- Stimulus is bad 2017- Stimulus is bad 2018- Stimulus is bad 2019- Stimulus is bad 2020- How good is stimulus