All deleted tweets from politicians

Wayne Swan is the National President of the ALP and the former Labor Member for Lilley. He is also the former Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer of Australia

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RT @neeratanden: Just remember, he told us this would be gone by April. And the last 24 hours have recorded the highest number of deaths in the US. We recorded 5 times as many deaths in one day as South Korea has since the start of the pandemic.…

RT @neeratanden: I guess we should thank The New York Times for proving @BetoORourke’s point within 24 hours. Honestly, members of the press, WTF?…

RT @neeratanden: I know that there's a lot of bad news, but I really think our political system is not addressing what an abject failure it is that we have a million cases here. This is just such a colossal disaster. George Packer is so right-America right now is a failed state.

RT @neeratanden: People do not understand that having RBGs seat go to a wingnut ideologue is enraging liberals. Just like Scalia's seat going to a liberal enraged the right. The punditry is totally missing this point.

RT @neeratanden: RT @neeratanden: ICYMI: Excellent @NYTimeskrugman on rising inequality in Israel and its impact on its elections.…

RT @neeratanden: Friends, the next 24 hours are the most important of this race. Make calls if you can. The GOP is planning to vote en masse tomorrow. We need Dems to return their ballots or vote in person. This is what we've been waiting 4 years for.

RT @elissabell98: #DanAndrews responding to @rachelbaxendale on resigning “Rachel I don’t run from challenges that’s not who I am and if that’s not clear to you than you preps don’t know me” Bravo Dan well said 👏🏻 #WhatsTheIssueRachel #IStandWithDan

RT @neeratanden: I’m sorry, there seems to be some people who are falling for the idea that Trump is going left. Did you just fall off a turnip truck? These are the same folks who told us he’d be for single payer when he became president. And he’s still trying to rip health care from people.

RT @lindyli: Trump just sent a cease and desist letter demanding that TV stations immediately pull this ad. So let’s the share the shit out of it #TrumpMadness #TrumpPressConf #DoctorsOnlyPressConferences

RT @ProudResister: Here is the part of @KamalaHarris’ speech that moved me the most and why I think she would be a formidable candidate to not only take on Donald Trump, but to beat him. #KamalaHarris2020 #ForThePeople