All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: Backing Boris brings Brexit and builds a better Britain, he must be the right choice.…

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: Opportunities would flow from no deal.…

RT @Official999Day: Today is the first ever @Official999Day. RT and show your support for the selfless men and women, and work of the service animals across the emergency services and across the UK. Tweet your support and if you see any 999 personnel - stop them & thank them!

RT @TScholesFogg: Today our glorious and beloved Queen, becomes the 5th longest reigning monarch in world history. In a month she'll become the 4th. Her service & devotion to her realms, peoples & commonwealth are exemplary. As I Crown Servant I proudly say God Save The Queen. Long Live The Queen.

RT @JerseyWW2: RT @JerseyWW2: On this Day is the #Liberation75 of Sark May 10th 1945.Happy Liberation Day to the People of Sark.

RT @JerseyWW2: RT @JerseyWW2: Marking the 75th Annversary of the Channels Islands Liberation on May 9th 1945. #Liberation75 TODAY!

RT @paulanthonyspen: @AndrewRosindell @pritipatel Thank you, Mr Rosindell. @pritipatel ought to be reminded that it is not just about uncontrolled mass migration. It's also about large scale organised criminality and a total disregard of the covid 19 regulations. BUILD A DAM

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: Boris would win back voters to the Tory party because he would deliver Brexit.…

RT @DailyLib75: RT @DailyLib75: The Daily Liberation - LIBERATION DAY SPECIAL EDITION