All deleted tweets from politicians

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@John42855069 Why would you urge others not to respond to your emails? I want schools to reopen as soon as possible and believe that we are creating massive problems by excluding so many children from education. I’ll check up on your email and get back to you.

RT @toadmeister: I helped set up four state schools, all of them getting outstanding results, that when full will educate 1,940 children. What have you done for young people?…

RT @ClareCraigPath: RT @ClareCraigPath: If this did not happen our blood would be a white soup full of all the antibodies we might need in future.

RT @ClareCraigPath: RT @ClareCraigPath: Why wasn't this information shared with MPs? It is critical to their ability to make an informed decision.

RT @ClareCraigPath: RT @ClareCraigPath: How awful. Waiting on PCR results caused this. We need rapid flow testing for hospital admissions #GoWithTheFlow

RT @ClareCraigPath: The mass testing programme has been a huge success in revealing the failures of PCR testing and showing that Liverpool had no COVID. The rates fell as soon you started measuring it properly.

RT @ClareCraigPath: Sohala Moussa is an A&E nurse in London. Here she let's slip that the current characteristics of COVID positive patients are nothing like spring. And every condition under the sun can be blamed on COVID -even cancer now!

RT @toadmeister: One of the great benefits of the EU is that it has prevented the reemergence of European nationalist movements. No wait...…