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MP for Ashford. Fan of Reading FC and Half Man Half Biscuit.

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RT @Tim_R_Dawson: This is precisely the sort of hard left culture that leads to so much intimidation and bullying. Women complaining about being manhandled and shouted over are immediately dismissed as being "tiresome" and "uncomradely" by a Corbynite MP. Only the Great Socialist Project matters.…

RT @riversideinnov8: Opportunity to show @DamianGreen and Will Gallagher around Riverside Innovation Centre this morning @uochester @ChesterTories

RT @toadmeister: I’ve helped set up four state schools that when full will educate nearly 2,000 children. At the secondary, >33% are eligible for the pupil premium and we reserve 20% of the places at the primaries for same. What have you done to help working class kids Paul?…

RT @toadmeister: All English schoolchildren are taught Geography until at least the age of 14 — many until 16 — and in Geography they’re taught about climate change. This is just more fake news, like the false claim that the British Govt has done nothing to reduce carbon emissions.…

RT @MeghanMcCain: RT @MeghanMcCain: I miss my Dad.

RT @matthewinkent: In Ashford today - supporting Kent Police & Fire at Damian’s jobs fair, meeting Ashford Mediation Service, talking fraud and financial crime with Barclays and supporting the Cadets’ knife crime campaign.

RT @matthewinkent: If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, we are all here to help you - now and always. In an emergency, dial 999. #YouAreNotAlone #KentTogether

RT @matthewinkent: Today’s announcement means another 145 Police for Kent, which is good news. This means that there will be nearly 4000 Police in Kent next year. With those I’ve helped deliver locally and the Government’s uplift, that’s over 800 more than when I was elected. @kitmalthouse

RT @TimesRadio: Damian Green, Tory MP for Ashford, tells Times Radio he needs to see a "rational explanation" for the new tier system before he could vote in favour of the government's plan. Listen 🔊 @jennykleeman | lukejones03 | @DamianGreen

RT @MattBridgerUK: Great to attend @DamianGreen Ashford Jobs fair today and meet so many great people and organisations. Such a great turnout. @AshfordCouncil @ashford_college @ConservAshford