All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @MattHancock: We’re delivering vital equipment across the country for #coronavirus: -170 million masks -42.8 million gloves -13.7 million aprons -182,000 gowns -Almost 10 million items of cleaning equipment -2.3 million pairs of eye protectors #StayHomeSaveLives

RT @PaddyCGalbraith: Anyone else finding that they start their day with the best of intentions but by 9AM they’re out in the garden in their underpants again, eating their third bowl of rice crispies, and reading about piracy in Somalia? 🩲

RT @Liss_Joannides: Never been so scared of going into the co-op in my whole life. Felt like a villain on the run with my face bandana on and gloves! Couldn’t get in and out quick enough!

RT @elisabethbraw: "The root problem is the president has made clear that he doesn’t care about anything recognizable as national security." This excellent @AEI blog post doesn't mince words about Trump's security policy (which includes controversially permitting sales of jet engines to China).

RT @NaomiMc: RT @NaomiMc: @NSoames And for his tie to touch the top of his trousers.

RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: A second referendum, the so called 'losers’ vote', has now been defeated in the House of Commons so is it is off the t…

RT @warmatters: All this #coronavirus hand washing is killing Norovirus & rotavirus. Reporting was higher BUT the... “Overall activity for this 2 week period was 24% lower than the 5 seasoned average for the same period” UK PHE Summary of surveillance 2019 to 2020…

RT @PaddyCGalbraith: Given knowing naff all about corona doesn’t seem to be preventing people from sharing their opinions on it, I would just like to add that as with all crises, I can’t stress enough that we need to be wearing our best corduroy suits and asking for extra sprinkles on our cappuccinos

RT @gilescoren: If they ever do get it together to bring dead people back to life the ONLY reason too apply the science to humans would be to make this into a proper series. Do watch to the end.…