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Conservative MP for Mid Sussex

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RT @notchrisevans: RT @notchrisevans: Nicholas Soames' twitter has been the only interesting thing #EUref has thrown up so far.…

RT @toadmeister: In 2009, Hezbollah goons were drafted in by Iranian regime to brutally assault the pro-democracy protestors. Little wonder @jeremycorbyn hasn’t said anything to support current protestors. After all, Hezbollah are his “friends”...

RT @toadmeister: @Spectator_LIFE @BBCRadio4 @SeanGlynn4 @ISIRonline @timothycbates This piece for the @tes weighing up the pros and cons of allowing new grammar schools to be set up Conclusion: “It would be better to focus on creating more 'comprehensive grammars' rather than more grammars."

RT @toadmeister: I’ve helped set up four state schools that when full will educate nearly 2,000 children. At the secondary, >33% are eligible for the pupil premium and we reserve 20% of the places at the primaries for same. What have you done to help working class kids Paul?…

RT @toadmeister: This is a thread about the controversy surrounding my appointment to the Office for Students. I've also posted a version of it on @facebook… 1/

RT @toadmeister: I hadn’t planned to comment on any of the lies and smears, but some stuff is so grotesquely slanderous you cannot let it go unchallenged

RT @toadmeister: I’ve posted a rebuttal of the ‘eugenicist’ and ‘neo-Nazi’ smears on my Facebook page. Please RT so these grotesque, despicable lies are exposed for what they are

RT @toadmeister: There is no robust evidence that Oxford is biased against BME applicants, female applicants, applicants from the North East or applicants from state schools.

RT @toadmeister: BME students make up 17.9% of all British Oxford undergraduates. That's pretty close to the percentage of BME people among 17-24-year-olds in England and Wales – 18.3%. If you include post-grads and international students, total number of BME students at Oxford climbs to 28%.

RT @toadmeister: UCAS published some data in January which shows that if you control for those variables, 18-year-old black British applicants to Oxford in 2017 had an above-average acceptance rate: