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RT @dignityindying: A heart-breaking example of our broken law. “The bravery it took her to walk further than she had been able to in months, get a train to the airport, check in, get through security and endure a flight, alone, to me will always be the most incredible example of courage.”

RT @navalny: RT @navalny: 1. I think that the ban of Donald Trump on Twitter is an unacceptable act of censorship (THREAD)

@joshglancy @jamesjohnson252 Never appease terrorists, even if, in the short term, it provokes a violent reaction.

RT @AaronKatersky: RT @AaronKatersky: This is Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick who died after he was attacked by rioters. He was 42…

RT @ProfChalmers: Journalists are going to have to learn that if (a) a vaccine is ~95% effective; (b) millions of people are getting the vaccine and (c) covid is widespread, someone getting vaccinated and later getting covid is not even *close* to being a story.

RT @afneil: Reasons to be cheerful for America after last night's grim scenes from Capitol Hill. 1. It was not an attempted coup or insurrection. It was a mob on the rampage, which got further than it ever expected because of appalling policing.

Nick Boles (Conservative) tweeted :

Astonishingly prescient. This was a premeditated attempt but @realDonaldTrump to overthrow the Constitution of the United States.

Nick Boles (Conservative) tweeted :

God knows there are lots of reasons to feel pretty depressed right now. But the thought of how much Putin and Xi are enjoying what is going on in Washington DC is

RT @robbiereviews: Very funny impromptu announcement on @SouthernRailUK just now advising passengers to think of masks as “underwear for the face” which should be worn “covering mouth *and* nose, not as some kind of novelty beard hammock”. This should be the official government messaging

RT @stefanroberts: RT @stefanroberts: Can’t believe the UK and EU have agreed to install a massive fish tube over the Channel