All deleted tweets from politicians

Disclaimer: Rebecca is currently not a Member of Parliament, but is standing for re-election as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Castle Point

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RT @DanielCreminUK: As a former Labour Party member (until 2011), I’ve never felt more vindicated by my decision to set aside prejudices/misperceptions to give the Conservatives a chance. I’ve never regretted voting for & joining the Conservatives. The party of freedom, opportunity & responsibility

RT @SteveBarclay: ⚽Delighted that today we can announce the Sport Winter Support Package to protect the immediate future of major spectator sports in England, including: 🏉Up to £135 million for rugby union 🐎£40 million to horse racing ⚽🏃‍♀️£28 million to women’s football

RT @reporterboy: I’ll be honest. It’s pretty tough listening to “it’s no worse than flu”, or “that lockdowns don’t work”, or “but what about business”, or “curfew is bad” (points I have a sympathy for) when your Dad is in hospital with a virus that means you aren’t sure if you’ll see him again.

RT @RishiSunak: 🆕Mortgage payment holidays will no longer end on 31 October. Borrowers impacted by COVID who haven't had a mortgage holiday will be entitled to a 6-month break. If you've already started a mortgage holiday you can top up 6 months without it being recorded on your credit file.

RT @claireperrymp: Just fantastic to see @BorisJohnson making the case for ambitious global action on biodiversity. Climate repair and improved biodiversity are two sides of the same coin.

RT @claireperrymp: This is an enormous achievement by the government of @theresa_may. What a legacy: the UK making NO contribution to global warming.…

RT @neill_bob: This was an important embargo, until the #London Stock Exchange opened, because this major bailout could affect share prices of firms who contract with #TfL. Anyone who has served as Minister, as Sadiq Khan has, knows this. He deliberately broke that undertaking. Disgraceful.

RT @WWIIPhoto: A few of the thousands of wedding rings the Germans removed from Holocaust Victims to salvage the gold. The U.S. troops found rings, watches, precious stones, eyeglasses, and gold fillings, near Buchenwald concentration camp. Germany. May 5th 1945. #WWII

RT @DKShrewsbury: The IMF headline view on Conservative Government’s economic response: ‘The authorities’ aggressive policy response—one of the best examples of coordinated action globally—has helped mitigate the damage, holding down unemployment and insolvencies.’ Our thanks to @RishiSunak

RT @problematicpodc: Why you should read Irreversible Damage by @AbigailShrier and my explanation of what happens when a family member is taken in by trans ideology and one is problematic enough to disagree Full video 👇