All deleted tweets from politicians

MP for Penrith and The Border, Minister of State at Ministry of Justice. Author of The Marches.

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RT @katyballs: No Corbyn/May debate – BUT the Spectator's Brexit debate with @DominicRaab vs @RoryStewartUK is now available for your debate fix:…

@SavannahGuthrie ‘s style is mesmerising - so different from @GStephanopoulos - (in the UK the networks would present the same interviewer to both candidates)

RT @DriveatSixteen: @AphexGwyn @neverheardofher @RoryStewartUK Our taxes will end up paying for degrees in the end. The government sells 50% of the debt on and retains 50%. The retained debt is not getting paid off. A court ruling said the government had to include this debt in the balance sheet, and not hide it.

RT @C_RWright: @griffsutt @RoryStewartUK In my experience Adrian many in African countries wear a business suit for all work related activities. This is the case in rural+urban

RT @MylesHoyle0312: RT @MylesHoyle0312: @RoryStewartUK You should check out the great work of @createstreets - Some brilliant ideas to improve urban landscapes.

RT @BamptonTea: RT @BamptonTea: We're open till 2pm and we have papers today, hurrah! We also have hot drinks and cake and other essential supplies. https:…

RT @politico_daily: RT @politico_daily: @RoryStewartUK @andyburnham Rory it does actually work and you could do worse in London than follow it. God I hate prai…

RT @AdhucTecumSum: RT @AdhucTecumSum: Vestments sent to the Franciscans of the Holy Land in Jerusalem by King Louis XIII of France

RT @caegillies: @RoryStewartUK Just sorry you couldn't have called into the amazing Kennedy's sausage shop in Camberwell (closed 2007 - tragedy). They would have kept you right for the votes.