All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @Snowytwit: RT @Snowytwit: I've thought about it and I wasn't happy with the rugby result on Saturday so I want the game to be replayed.

RT @JamesMelville: More than 20 African countries have joined together to plant a giant wall of trees that will run across the continent to stop the spread of the Sahara Desert. The Great Green Wall of Africa will stretch for 7,000 kilometres, from coast to coast right across the continent.

RT @Celgene: RT @Celgene: Here’s how cognitive impairment impacts multiple sclerosis.

RT @TravelDorset: Travelling to Dorset to enjoy the county’s sights and sounds is not recognised as an essential journey; and you should avoid leaving the village, town or city where you live, unnecessarily. Please #stayhome this weekend.…

RT @ThomlinsonAlfie: This is a fantastic video! Everything about @sajidjavid makes a true Conservative. His aspiration, ambition, passion & patriotism is what we need in our next leader. A man who has fought from the bottom to the top shows he has the right qualities. Hope you make the final 2!…

RT @ThomlinsonAlfie: RT @ThomlinsonAlfie: What a Prime Minister you would have been Mr @sajidjavid!!…

RT @BrandonLewis: 📝 Today is the first anniversary of the restoration of Stormont after a 3 year hiatus, following the signing of the New Decade, New Approach agreement. Later I will be convening a meeting with the five parties and Irish Govt to discuss progress on implementing its commitments.

RT @TravelDorset: A new national lockdown has been announced. We must stay at home 🏠 and only travel for essential reasons. ℹ️ will be updated with information.

RT @PC_2932: There are no excuses for anyone to be driving anywhere to exercise at this time. We are so lucky to have amazing open spaces close to our homes in Dorset. #StayHomeSaveLives #ProtectTheNHS

RT @TravelDorset: No need for Tears... He’s🎅🏼exempt from travel restrictions & will be visiting all households as normal - (with safety precautions). For the rest of us, let’s just stick by doing what’s best this Christmas. ℹ️… #DontTravelDorset - keep it local.🎄