All deleted tweets from politicians

Conservative MP for Wycombe

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RT @tweetminster: RT @tweetminster: Moody's is reviewing the credit rating of three French banks because of their exposure to Greek debt

RT @tweetminster: RT @tweetminster: Britain renews call for Sri Lanka war crimes inquiry - The Guardian

RT @tweetminster: RT @tweetminster: Afghanistan central bank governor flees country over Kabul Bank scandal - Telegraph

RT @tweetminster: RT @tweetminster: IMF: EU needs to take urgent action on debt crisis, warns of major worldwide consequences from euro crisis - AFP

RT @tweetminster: RT @tweetminster: There are now 280 MPs on Twitter - @tweetminster/ukmps

RT @tweetminster: RT @tweetminster: Tory rebels set to quit government in row over Europe referendum - The Independent

RT @tweetminster: RT @tweetminster: "A three-pronged plan to revive Britain’s economy" - UK PM David Cameron writing in the FT

@Roger_Koppl It's excellent. I particularly love the description of the emerging new orthodoxy of economics in the back. It can emerge too soon!