All deleted tweets from politicians

Parliamentary candidate for Solihull, twice elected MP, saving our police station, improving local hospital, great schools and delivering Brexit.

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RT @PrettyTory: RT @PrettyTory: @raceforlife great atmosphere in Solihull with @wazma4olton doing our bit to fight cancer #PinkArmy

RT @PrettyTory: Delighted to hit the streets with @julianknight15 in Stoke for our fab candidate #Jack4Stoke @Conservatives Action Day @SoTConservative

RT @PrettyTory: Campaigning in StokeCentral with @julianknight15 for the @Conservatives so many supporters on the ground for our local candidate Jack!

RT @PrettyTory: All done! Fab team work with @julianknight15 championing our local candidate Jack Brereton 4 #StokeCentral #stokebyelection @Conservatives

RT @PrettyTory: RT @PrettyTory: Tomorrow, back on the road ready to champion #Andy4WM #StreetsAhead @andy4wm leaflets coming to a doorstep near you! https:…

RT @PrettyTory: The pleasure you get when you have an empty boot, Andy Street leaflets-all gone! Tomorrow it's on the phones tweeps #WMMayor @andy4wm

RT @PrettyTory: Great @andy4wm action day in Solihull #StreetsAhead joined by margot_james_mp to champion our #wmmayor with @Solihull_Tories

RT @PrettyTory: Great support from @julianknight15 @Cllr_MarkParker thanks for coming to help in Quinton & Harborne for @SquireCaroline @EdgConservative

RT @PrettyTory: @cwowomen out supporting @SquireCaroline in Bartley Green #GE2017 non stop 4 our @theresa_may candidate #Ladiesthatleaflet in rain & shine!