All deleted tweets from politicians

Parliament. Shadow Minister of State Security. Constituency MP for Central Durban Constituency.

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RT @metrobabe: Judgment: The lockdown regulations don't satisfy the rationality test by encroaching on, and limiting rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights which are not justifiable in an open, democratic society as per Sect 36 of the Constitution. #LockdownSA

RT @metrobabe: Mkhize responding to criticism that local doctors are not being employed to help bolster the response to the #COVID19 pandemic - he says several of them qualified outside SA, and are not registered with the medical council.

RT @metrobabe: DA's John Steenhuisen says Ramaphosa's critics might be sitting across from him, but his enemies are sitting right behind him. "You've told us to watch this space, I'm telling you to watch your back." #SONADebate

RT @metrobabe: Steenhuisen: Litmus test of the "new Scorpions" will be when they put cuffs on MPs. And Ramaphosa's test will be whether he allows it. #SONADebate

RT @metrobabe: Steenhuisen: Deputy justice minister John Jeffrey quoted from TS Elliot - April won't be the cruelest month for the ANC - but rather May. #SONADebate

RT @metrobabe: So ironic that the President is stressing the importance of building a non-racial society and advancing social cohesion, when MPs have just come to blows over trading racial slurs. #RamaphosaQandA

RT @metrobabe: RT @metrobabe: Mazzone. Molefe. Meandos. #EskomInquiry

RT @metrobabe: RT @metrobabe: #VoteofNoConfidence Maimane: Vote for your hopes honourable members, not your fears..remove this broke and corrupt President…

RT @michaelcardo: RT @michaelcardo: Smack bang in the middle of its news pages, @CapeTimesSA provides column space for ANC electioneering: yesterday @Faiezj,…

RT @michaelcardo: RT @michaelcardo: Batho Pele in action: