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Member of Parliament. Shadow Minister of Basic Education. Democratic Alliance.

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RT @ThulaniGqirana: RT @ThulaniGqirana: DA MP Steenhuisen raises a point of order because Molefe has left the house. "Is it Parliamentary to put in for halfday…

RT @ThulaniGqirana: RT @ThulaniGqirana: DA MP Julius asks ANC MPs to raise their hands of they have not received a farm yet from Nkwinti #SONAdebate

RT @ThulaniGqirana: RT @ThulaniGqirana: You have got to love ANN7. This is how they reporting on #SONA2017

RT @ThulaniGqirana: RT @ThulaniGqirana: Army walking around with guns around the precinct. Remember when Speaker Baleka Mbete yesterday said they won't be "run…

RT @ThulaniGqirana: RT @ThulaniGqirana: Maimane says Shaik is doing remarkably well for someone who was close to death seven years ago #Budgetvote #Zuma

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @michaelcardo :

RT @michaelcardo: UCT will "say no to non-racialism", one of the institution's fundamental values and the constitutional value on which our democratic state is founded. Hopefully this is just a case of misreporting @UCT_news ?…

RT @BaloyiBongani1: RT @BaloyiBongani1: Comrade @gavdavis is naughty. First he was running circles around Min. Muthambi and now he seriously exposing Angie's b…

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @nolizwezulu :

RT @nolizwezulu: RT @nolizwezulu: 2019, we vote DA @Our_DA, lets hope South Africa is still standing by then. What @MYANC has done, is beyond unforgivable.

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @Eskom_SA :

RT @Eskom_SA: #Loadshedding Stage 3 Date: Friday, 04 September 2020 Time: 08:00 until 22:00 Eskom customers can access their schedules from the loadshedding website… or on the MyEskom App.

Gavin Davis (DA) retweeted @pierredevos :

RT @pierredevos: My first take: Judgment invalidating lockdown regulations is fatally flawed, but so is the government’s “means justifies the end” defence which may not work in better argued cases