All deleted tweets from politicians

South African Member of Parliament, DA Whip, innovative leader, Liberal Democrat and Shadow Labour Minister.πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

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Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @WandileSihlobo :

RT @WandileSihlobo: RT @WandileSihlobo: Weaker ZAR/$ boosting SA grain prices. Changes from last week: White maize: +18% Yellow maize: +13% Sunflower: +9% Soy…

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @WandileSihlobo :

RT @WandileSihlobo: RT @WandileSihlobo: SA food retailers market share Shoprite: 33% Pick n Pay:29% Spar: 18% Woolies Food: 9% Others:11% From @Comrade_Skhok…

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @thottybromo :

RT @thottybromo: RT @thottybromo: Accurate representation of Putin after Le Pen didn't get elected

Ian Ollis 🌐 (DA) tweeted :

Honestly it’s like watching beige paint try currently #FinalVoteCount #Election2020 #ElectionResults2020

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @KayzetZA :

RT @KayzetZA: RT @KayzetZA: Dude the only ppl i hear promoting ANC are those who benefit from it.…

Ian Ollis 🌐 (DA) tweeted :

Apparently this train in Garfield NJ which runs on the street is the only train that is required by law to stop for the traffic light, by ordinance in the US πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @NeoMotloung_ :

RT @NeoMotloung_: RT @NeoMotloung_: WATCH: Police firing rubber bullets at ANC supporters #AntiZumaMarches #sabcnews

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @garymeyerza :

RT @garymeyerza: RT @garymeyerza: There must surely be an inside trading charge for the Guptas at the very least.

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @BaloyiBongani1 :

RT @BaloyiBongani1: This is disgusting @eNCA @JJTabane @SundayTimesZA @BONGESA when are you going to ask this Mayor some difficult questions?

Ian Ollis (DA) retweeted @GodfreyZihlwele :

RT @GodfreyZihlwele: Conclusion: The EFF and the ANC have concluded that black People are immature and irresponsible they cannot be trusted with land and title deeds, they need a guardian in the form of a chief or government to look after their land.