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EFF National Spokesperson & Commissar Responsible for Communications - @EFFSouthAfrica Economic Freedom In Our Life Time. Supporter of BDS - Free Palestine!

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RT @sahouraxo: Has hundreds of illegal nuclear weapons? 🇮🇱: Yes 🇮🇷: No Has signed the NPT? 🇮🇱: No 🇮🇷: Yes Has threatened to use nuclear weapons against other countries? 🇮🇱: Yes 🇮🇷: No Routinely operates as the Air Force of ISIS in #Syria? 🇮🇱: Yes 🇮🇷: No Spare us your lies, war criminal.

RT @sahouraxo: Wow. Look at these huge protests in #Venezuela against the “brutal dictator” Maduro. Oh no, wait. These Venezuelans are actually marching against Trump’s criminal sanctions, blockade and starvation of their country. Whoopsies! Nothing to see here 🤗

RT @sahouraxo: This is massive. Thousands hitting the streets of Paris, France right now for Adama Traoré and #GeorgeFloyd. #JusticePourAdama

RT @sahouraxo: Just wow. This is Chile today. But one million people marching in the street isn’t newsworthy to the Western media when they’re protesting against a corrupt, US-backed regime I guess. 🤗 #ChileProtests

RT @sahouraxo: Wow! The Indigenous people of #Bolivia - who make up 70% of the country’s population - are marching en masse against the illegal ouster of Evo Morales. But this footage won’t be on the likes of CNN/BBC because the Western media refuses to call it a coup.

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi (EFF) tweeted :

EFF called for an indipendent review of Covid-19 data. Is also called for these Covid-19 data be handled by an indipendent insidution, as opposed to the Minister! As things stand, the data has been dangerously suspicious for some time. South Africa, be warned!

RT @anzathiba: My mom just started a business. She has tents and chairs to hire for functions in venda. Please rt her customers might be on your tl🙂

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi (EFF) retweeted @SkyNews :

RT @SkyNews: Various videos show the moment a huge blast sent shockwaves across the Lebanese capital of Beirut. Get the latest on this story here: