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Member of the Central Command Team of the Economic Freedom Fighters. Member of the Parliament of RSA. Commissar for Environment, Forestry and Fisheries.

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Nazier Paulsen (EFF) replied to @OnsJou :

@OnsJou @MYANC @Our_DA @EFFSouthAfrica Let me help you. I matriculates in the 80’s. I attended and graduated from UCT. You needed a lot more that 30% to be accepted at UCT.

RT @maggsnaidu: @NazierPaulsen Exactly... all fake news. @CyrilRamaphosa is at 14,99% (not even VAT). @Julius_S_Malema is at 117%. Gordhan is at 7,867%. Tito is eating tin fish in Kigali. @KhuselaS mustn't come here with her fake surveys. We, the smart people, know the truth - she can't Tippex and make up...

Nazier Paulsen (EFF) replied to @HermanHG :

RT @EFFSouthAfrica: RT @EFFSouthAfrica: Press Alert: EFF Invites Media to a Press Conference to be Addressed by CIC @Julius_S_Malema

RT @REBORNFromAbove: Here is a thought: REMOVE that man from office BEFORE he commits another "impeachable" offense and gets us all killed. (A voice crying out in the wilderness aka the world.) #Iranattack #POTUS

@OutlawRadioABS @EFFSouthAfrica White people hit women. Not me. White people do evil things like beastiality. I’m not white.

@Jaydenator1 @DlepuJerry Then don’t

Nazier Paulsen (EFF) retweeted @DubeSena :

RT @DubeSena: MISSING!! Durban friends, help us find our son. His name is Wethu Ndlovu. Age: 16. He's been missing since thursday. We are not sure what he was wearing. He is very soft spoken Complexion: Fair Eyes: Brown Body size: tall, skinny Last seen at Umngeni area Contact me: 0716078997

@DaanBarnard Sit web die spieël @DaanBarnard

@realDonaldTrump Death to America!