All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @ManqobaMdamba: @SMukwakungu @fanamokoena I'm not an EFF supporter. it's normal for the followers to rather paint pictures of the leader…

Banna!!! 🤣🤣🤣

The world is run by rhetoric these days. No one is saying anything new. Everyone is selling the same lie. As a result, nothing changes. Everything stays the same

EFF Student Command led University of Limpopo SRC. Salute

@ewnreporter Eff mamusa

So according to Trump, the US is expecting to be reimbursed for the 'infrastructure' they built in Iraq. So the US criminally invades Iraq, they build infrastructure for their own convenience, then expect to be paid. Who's 5yr old boy is this Trump?

Rest In Peace Khasiane Alrina Ntloko. I could not have been raised by a stronger woman. You ran you race. You fought your battles. Your time on earth was well spent. Robala ka khotso Sebata

Trump's smokescreen is the oldest trick in the book. US presidencies always bleed on Arab countries when they need to boost their own numbers. This has to end. Arab countries countries must unite.

RT @MoraMosese: #Malema @fanamokoena looked dapper in those shades! @Sam_Matiase pleased meeting u. Well organised , e hole @EFFFSP. Ground…