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The South African Native National Congress (SANNC) President, Cyril Ramaphosisa is failing dismally at his renewal

RT @Julius_S_Malema: [Must See] ANC whippery, both Pemmy Majodina and Doris Dlakude in an @MYANC WhatsApp group encouraged their rascals to use GBV false allegations for political point scoring. When we respond truthfully, they want to cry foul!

The De Klerk debacle is further proof that the TRC was farce, an opium of the masses, a show to pave the way for a racist regime to continue oppressing our people under the new brand of a new SA. Hence we're still where we are. #FWDeKlerk

There’s less crime getting in it wrong doing what you believe in than in getting it right doing what you don’t believe in.

If Ramapostponer is a smart politician, he will no longer postpone firing Gordhan. Jamnadas is a cancer that will eat him alive from within. Rama must separate himself from Jam ASAP, or he will not a second term as ANC president

My greatest wish is for us South Africans to spend a bit of time trying to understand what is actually happening, with humility and willingness to comprehend. There’s too much rot we’re allowing to fester because most of us are looking at it with a critical eye. Salute.

RT @WizardKittySA: @fanamokoena No its terrible - SA is sinking slowly while he twiddles his thumbs. But given the option between that and the poison the EFF is punting, I'd rather choose the former. First place would be a party that embraces free market principles, so we can actually fix the mess were in.

RT @AwkwardTad: @fanamokoena Do you really, really, very honestly think she is fitting of the title? We are all allowed to have out own opinions. Those poor leftists in Hollywood have it so good, the dream up things to feel bad about. Venezuela used to be a big winner in that show.

RT @MmaMvv: RT @MmaMvv: I found her and followed. She’s a whole mood…

3rd Force 007 (EFF) retweeted @Peliwe_M :

RT @Peliwe_M: RT @Peliwe_M: @fanamokoena @kolobe_ especially because Australian company would never try that nyolz back in Australia. The green movement…