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@bayouwilson The consensus seemed to be “not a thought-through idea.”

RT @kevinroose: I talked to the founder and former admin of 8chan this morning. He told me he wants the site to be shut down, after being i…

Liisa Past (estonia) tweeted :

Lunch with one of my BFFs. He gives detailed instructions for coffee. Me: He’s always very particular about his coffee. Server: My kid is as well. It helped to send him away to grandparents, he’d eat anything there. This BFF is a man in late 30s. Not sure what’s being suggested

Liisa Past (estonia) tweeted :

Parking this here to read with the attention it deserves.

Liisa Past (estonia) tweeted :

Lack of safety culture ...

RT @juschuetze: Very excited for this and grateful to be joined by experts that can tackle those questions from different angles e.g. @Smee…

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RT @chadloder: I have a concern.

Liisa Past (estonia) tweeted :

End of the illusion of adults in the room?…

@mastersonmv @noah_praetz @wvsosoffice @CISAgov Agreed, that makes the game of #SpotTheFed unsatisfyingly easy. Come to think about it, so does all of the good outreach work @CISAgov