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Liisa Past (estonia) retweeted @_4_d_4_m_ :

RT @_4_d_4_m_: RT @_4_d_4_m_: Technical question: Can face masks be improved using the blockchain?

RT @Erin_Hand_6_11: RT @Erin_Hand_6_11: Because we could all use a little more loving and acceptance on a Saturday morning...

Liisa Past (estonia) tweeted :

Advice sought. I used the word “sinusoidal”. Their (educated, traveled, professional acc to self) reply: “I hope you didn’t made reference using “sinusoidal“ thinking I wouldn’t know what it meant.” How snarky am I allowed to be?

Liisa Past (estonia) retweeted @koerilja :

RT @koerilja: RT @koerilja: Lemme help u out, Estonia.

Liisa Past (estonia) tweeted :

On how the situation in States is like peeling a bad onion, every layer makes makes you want to cry. (IN ESTONIAN).…

Liisa Past (estonia) retweeted @ccdcoe :

RT @ccdcoe: Missing Tallinn and #CyCon2020? We miss you too, but this year it´s just different: the proceedings of ‘20/20 Vision: The Next Decade’ are up NOW! Stay tuned for details on the virtual book launch already next week.. 📚

Liisa Past (estonia) tweeted :

Thread on music that brought down the Iron Curtain.

Liisa Past (estonia) tweeted :

What I’ve realized while mostly self-isolating: cryptographers and seals are my spirit animals.

@RevRichardColes Made second dinner of Saucisson d'Ardenne and raspberries. Breakfast: syrniki (used chickpea flour, tasted falafely). Lunch: mushroom stir fry, eaten in a hot bath. Everything is acceptable, particularly with baked cheese. I pray for this sort of pleasant problems to continue.