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Ilja (estonia) retweeted @memeczekk :

RT @memeczekk: kahjuks logisin täna twitterisse. osad inimesed on oma arust väga liberaalsed, aga vene keelega seoses on argumendid samad mis nende põlatud ekrel homoabieluga. "välja suremine", "eesti vabariigis on alati...", "no okei oma kodus veel jah, aga mitte minu kohvikus"

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @greg_shill :

RT @greg_shill: RT @greg_shill: Public transportation is social engineering

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @BenFranta :

RT @BenFranta: I've published a new paper in @Env_Pol reporting what I believe is the earliest known example of climate deception from the fossil fuel industry, from all the way back in 1980. In this thread, I'll explain this discovery & its significance 🧵…

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @jeff_lake :

RT @jeff_lake: I just answered the door and spoke with a defeated Bloomberg canvasser. He said, in a resigned tone, that he was "getting paid $300 to go door to door and listen to why everybody doesn't like Mike Bloomberg."

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @jakebackpack :

RT @jakebackpack: LMAO the transhumanists told you that you were going to be an immortal cyborg space god building inscrutable gigascale artworks out of smartmatter swarms made of deconstructed asteroids but actually you're just gonna be a golf bag.…

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @srdjanvucetic :

RT @srdjanvucetic: RT @srdjanvucetic: Timing is everything

Ilja (estonia) replied to @keitivilms :

@keitivilms võtab sootuks sõnatuks

Ilja (estonia) retweeted @rmilneNordic :

RT @rmilneNordic: RT @rmilneNordic: Greta Thunberg edited one of Sweden's largest newspapers today - a PDF of it is free to read for everyone…

Ilja (estonia) replied to @alarirammo :

@alarirammo @sandervesik1 @m0rtim parem kui krigisemine.

Ilja (estonia) replied to @hanzailar :

@hanzailar trolls trolling trolls, trolls complaining. ◽