All deleted tweets from politicians

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Ain Tohvri (estonia) tweeted :

A country that sold guns to Saudi Arabia by accident, suddenly appears as credible party to identify who shot the rockets targeting Saudi oil by analysing rocket debris. Sounds legit?…

RT @petehotchkiss: Hey @jack. Let me save you a tonne of money. The answer you are looking for is "No" The only place White Supremacists b…

Ain Tohvri (estonia) tweeted :

Old topic, but the way #developer job interviews are conducted (still) leave little confidence that the employment is a two-sided exercise, where equal parties form an agreement for the acquisition of expertise. Have you the ever challenged companies for financial sustainability?

Ain Tohvri (estonia) tweeted :

Many Iranian #developers are seeing their #GitHub accounts shut down. That's how the #OpenSource community is taking a direct hit from Trump's #TradeWar. Work that brings no direct benefit for a developer, but for many around the world, incl. US.

Ain Tohvri (estonia) retweeted @_w0bb1t_ :

RT @_w0bb1t_: This is the most popular #image in the world in terms of the number of times it's been downloaded & displayed, of course you…

Ain Tohvri (estonia) retweeted @waldec :

RT @waldec: Really proud to be #Estonian 🇪🇪 1% of population performed on national dance festival today. 2% of population singing Sat-Sun…

Ain Tohvri (estonia) tweeted :

Where #tech has failed the #society by the promise of capital.

Ain Tohvri (estonia) tweeted :

#Estonia has the very heart of its domestic #FakeNews in the cabinet these days. What kind of peculiar PR is this?

Ain Tohvri (estonia) tweeted :

Must be the 1st time I could enter the cattlewagon over airbridge. (at @Ryanair Flight FR 1517 in Hamburg)