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former European Commissioner for @Transport_EU. former Deputy PM of #Slovenia. entrepreneur. innovator. free spirit. Account managed by myself.

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Violeta Bulc (EU) replied to @TurekZbig :

@TurekZbig I invite you to GO Beyond Poland... selfcentruc approach will HRAM you

Violeta Bulc (EU) retweeted @EIB :

RT @EIB: 'Last year, every euro we spent unlocked another 2 euros and 88 cents in the projects we financed, an increase of 10% against the previous year. Every euro we spend is working harder, year by year' says EIB President Hoyer during the EIB Group Press Conference #EIB2019 🇪🇺

Violeta Bulc (EU) retweeted @LloydsList :

RT @LloydsList: RT @LloydsList: ICYMI: Industry proposes mandatory $5bn decarbonisation research and development fund

RT @antonioguterres: I am disappointed with the results of #COP25. The international community lost an important opportunity to show increased ambition on mitigation, adaptation & finance to tackle the climate crisis. But we must not give up, and I will not give up.

Violeta Bulc (EU) retweeted @TurekZbig :

RT @TurekZbig: RT @TurekZbig: @Bulc_EU @Transport_EU @JunckerEU I hope that the trip took less than four hours from point A to point B (Brussels to #Ljubl…

Violeta Bulc (EU) retweeted @ALDEParty :

RT @ALDEParty: Love ❤️, jaguar, urban aviation space… Find out what these have in common in the mind of Violeta Bulc @Bulc_EU 👇 #mustsee

Violeta Bulc (EU) tweeted :

#Rail is the cleanest, safest, most attractive #transport mode for people & goods over long distances. W/ @Shift2rail, #EU is pushing ahead w/ a paradigm shift for 🚆: #innovation can drive a real revolution! Time to shout about rail’s green credentials and promote it! #wcrr2019

Violeta Bulc (EU) retweeted @UCOLOURme :

RT @UCOLOURme: Here are the Gold Label road races on Sunday, 27th October. 🇸🇮 Volkswagen Ljubljana Marathon #Slovenia 🇩🇪 Mainova Frankfurt Marathon #Germany 🇪🇸 Medio Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP #Spain #IAAF #Marathon 👟

Violeta Bulc (EU) tweeted :

Liberals have even more important role to play in the green age. No liberal values can be taken for granted. #aldecongress

RT @EU_Commission: RT @EU_Commission: President @JunckerEU’s speech reviewing five years of the #TeamJunckerEU mandate ↓