All deleted tweets from politicians

Former Cons MEP for East of England. Strategic consultant, writer and campaigner. Inventor ‘SuperCanada’ UK/EU Free Trade Deal. Pro Brexit. RTs NOT endorsements

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RT @thereclaimparty: Great from @calvinrobinson on @GBNEWS last night. “Critical race theory suggests white people are privileged, black people are victims. That’s divisive and it’s untrue… we are the most inclusive, diverse country in the world. “It’s so, so harmful for a young person to hear.”

RT @BrandonLewis: I am pleased to announce that I have secured commitments from the DUP and Sinn Féin on the nomination of a First Minister and deputy First Minister. I now expect this to happen at the earliest opportunity - later this morning!

RT @CeeMacBee: Campbell Bannerman, former MEP: I can testify 1st-hand how slow the EU is at negotiating trade deals... On Australia & New Zealand: EU’s extraordinary demand to interfere in human rights & other political areas drove both counties away… via @facts4euorg

RT @GuidoFawkes: LISTEN: Former Cabinet Secretary Gus O’Donnell Calls HS2 a “White Elephant” That Should Never Have Been Approved…

RT @johnredwood: GB News is so much better than the BBC. Interviewees are allowed to say what they want without constant interruption and without an interviewer telling them what they really think. They do not have to fit into the limited and warped BBC script.

RT @LeaveEUOfficial: RT @LeaveEUOfficial: Absolutely spot on here from Jacob Rees-Mogg! ⬇

RT @paul_winginit: RT @paul_winginit: Supposed to be travelling via Nuneaton now. This is Nuneaton station now. ◽ ◽

RT @trussliz: 🇬🇧🇦🇺 Our Aussie deal pushes new frontiers in future industries like #digital, #AI and #services. It delivers: 👉 Enhanced access for tech firms 👉 Gains for services industries 👉 Advanced innovation & data benefits It proves what 🇬🇧 can do as an independent trading nation👇

RT @toadmeister: Gareth Southgate says he’s astonished booing fans interpret taking the knee so uncharitably then, in the next breath, accuses the booing fans of being racists. If you want fans to give players the benefit of the doubt, you should give fans the benefit of the doubt too.

RT @toadmeister: Ofcom has come under fire for labelling scepticism of official statistics as "misinformation" during the Covid crisis – and now we learn it has relied on biased "fact-checker" Full Fact to tell it what to suppress.…