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Gewerkschafterin, Feministin, Sozialdemokratin, Abgeordnete des Europäischen Parlamentes, Vorsitzende des Gleichstellungsausschuss

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RT @MarionFontana2: #CBCR update 🚨 After Friday’s meeting 👇🏻, Austria said that its position has been misunderstood and clarified that it is ready to vote in favour of the text, according to sources. So apparently, no more blocking minority!…

Genau gesagt geht es um die gemeinsame Körperschaftssteuerbemessungsgrundlage. #pCBCR Konzerne mit einem Umsatz von mehr als 750 Mill. ‼️müssen offenlegen wo sie ihre Steuern zahlen. Transparenz ist der Schlüssel im Kampf gegen Steuersünder.

RT @indrevareikyte: @gabischoff @spietikainen @Dani_Rondinelli @Evelyn_Regner @SkaKeller @egebhardtMdEP Good day to remind that future Commissioner Sinkevicius,who will have hearings today,says,quote: “wife takes care about the house, she is like a project manager, while I care about the country”

Evelyn Regner (EU) tweeted :

We are calling for #Facebook to do more to protect women! via @POLITICOEurope ✉️our letter to Mark Zuckerberg:

Evelyn Regner (EU) tweeted :

We are calling for #Facebook to do more to protect women! via @POLITICOEurope ✉️our letter to Marc Zuckerberg:…

Evelyn Regner (EU) tweeted :

Ich habe mit @POLITICOEurope über unseren Versuch, mehr Geschlechtergerechtigkeit in die Postenvergabe der Finanz-Topjobs zu bringen. Aufgeben werde ich bestimmt nicht.

Evelyn Regner (EU) tweeted :

#EPlenary voted today in favour of the apppointment of #Michaud for #EBA - we still have a long way to go to achieve gender quality.

Evelyn Regner (EU) tweeted :

Yes! 💪 If we want to see real change, we need to nominate more women and give them more opportunities to get important financial jobs. That's how we can change the system. #GenderEquality

RT @TheProgressives: 1️⃣ Tax evasion is a crime against society & social fairness 2️⃣ Tax havens must be eradicated 3️⃣ The EU needs its own resources to deliver for the people 👉 Some of the many reasons we’ve been fighting to get a Sub Committee on Taxes. Today we won a battle for #TaxJustice