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Vice-President of the European Parliament, MEP, and former Minister for International Development and State Ownership Steering

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Heidi Hautala (EU) retweeted @rinkelille :

RT @rinkelille: RT @rinkelille: Näistä seikoista olisi tosi tärkeä pysyä kartalla Euroopan mittakaavassa.

Heidi Hautala (EU) retweeted @bellingcat :

RT @bellingcat: We have created a spreadsheet to compile as many photographs and videos from the Capitol storming. We've allowed anyone to add a Suggested addition to the spreadsheet, which we'll approve after spot-checks. Please add your finds to the spreadsheet here:…

Heidi Hautala (EU) retweeted @mcyfield :

RT @mcyfield: abortion is now, officially legal, safe and free for all women. i can’t believe this is real. i’m crying right now. today argentina just made history. #AbortoLegal2020

RT @FrancoiseGirard: On pins and needles today as we await the vote of the Senate in Argentina. Solidarity, love and admiration to Argentinian feminists!! Your tenacity and determination will prevail. #AbortoLegal2020 #SeraLey 🔥💚 ⁦@CampAbortoLegal⁩

Heidi Hautala (EU) tweeted :

Nicholad Opiyo must be for release on bail, treatment according to human rights standards and a fair trial. If no charges are to be brought, we call for his immediate release. FreeNicholasOpiyo

Heidi Hautala (EU) replied to @HeidiHautala :

« ... being able to seamlessly do work, travel, study and do business in 27 countries... about pooling our strength and speaking together in a world full of great powers. In a time of crisis it is about pulling each other up instead of trying to get back to your feet, alone. »

Heidi Hautala (EU) retweeted @dreynders :

RT @dreynders: I welcome that @Europarl_EN & @EUCouncil just reached a political agreement on the #Justice Programme. It will provide strong support for judicial cooperation, judicial training & access to justice, with a focus on #RuleofLaw @katarinabarley @HeidiHautala @EU2020DE @EU_Justice 🇪🇺

RT @EarldeBlonville: To all of our overseas friends, Australia is on fire. Everything flammable has either already burnt or is currently burning, with no end in sight. Imagine, how can an entire country go up in flames? Nothing like this has ever happened.

Heidi Hautala (EU) tweeted :

I ordered a study written by @elenazzzz about politicians and movements which actively attempt to restrict women's & #LGBTI rights rights through action within #EU institutions. Read how these at times succeed in having an impact on the decision-making:…

RT @Arno_Metzler: #DiversEESC continues campaigning to defend a EU of freedom! Today we discuss important topics at EU Justice Stakeholders Forum. #Transparency & exchange of info : our 1st priority to tackle prominent enemies of our structures. Thank you @HeidiHautala @EU_Justice @phbuisseret