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I agree, I hope you agree with my point about the need to take such people of the airwaves.

James Carver (EU) replied to @FrankyBabes :

@FrankyBabes Not misguided Frank, just like you’re not, it’s just that, having thought long and hard about the question, I’ve come to a different opinion to you - Vive le difference!

James Carver (EU) retweeted @RupertLowe10 :

RT @RupertLowe10: Our esteemed former leader would do well to keep out of this debate. I sincerely doubt many are interested in his opini…

James Carver (EU) tweeted :

Just back home after watching the very talented @LewisCapaldi last night in Scarborough. A great show, superb vocals with genuine humorous engagement with the audience - Good work fella!

RT @StevenEdginton: Typical of many messages tonight. Remain would lose a second referendum and big. Labour have just lost a lot of vot…

James Carver (EU) replied to @kensheets :

@kensheets Ken, Im so very sorry for your loss. It was my pleasure and privilege to have enjoyed a long conversation with him only last month, before we last spoke. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. As ever, Jim

James Carver MEP (EU) retweeted @blp_1995 :

RT @blp_1995: As someone who was on Bob Geldof's boat, and left with others in protest, I can tell you it is everything wrong with stronger…

James Carver (EU) retweeted @labourleave :

RT @labourleave: The announcement from .@jeremycorbyn and @UKLabour today means that Labour is now a remain party and that means one thing.…

RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: Spain's 'veto' over Brexit deal for Gibraltar could be illegal… via @telegraphnews

RT @JohnBickleyUKIP: Ukip's conspiracy theorists must stop dividing the party… via @telegraphnews